Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Walk

The day Waverly came home from the hospital, we were all excited to go on her first walk as a family. After being in the NICU and never being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, I think she was happy too!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coming Home!

Pictures from the day Waverly came home, after being in the NICU for 30 days! The kids were thrilled to have her home, and didn't want to leave her side!

When we got her out of her carseat, they wanted to hold her. Can you tell she was so proud?!?

Our THREE kiddos!!!
So excited and proud!
I LOVE this pic!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Awana Program

A few weeks ago the big kids had their Awana awards program at church. This awards program is a big reason why they did Awana this year in the first place. Last year we attended the program, and Kathryn saw all the kids on the stage getting awards and performing a song, and was heartbroken that she wasn't up there as well. So we told her she could do Awana this year, and she was thrilled (and for a while asked every week if it was her turn to get up on stage!).

The Puggles, Jackson's age group, was first to get their awards. It was hilarious seeing all the two year old chaos up there! Can you tell? He didn't know where to go...This is a blurry picture, but he was tickled to be on stage too!
With his award!
This is the Cubbies group, for Kathryn's age. Can you tell the difference in this picture than in Jackson's pictures? These kids actually stand in a line!
It was a very serious thing for Kathryn. She loves feeling like such a big girl!
We were so thankful for the Awana program this year! Kathryn learned a new verse every week, and I love how the Word of God is hidden in her heart. (Jackson's class did Bible lessons as well, but they didn't really memorize verses since some of them don't talk much yet!)