Sunday, July 31, 2011


I stole this from Lindsay, but I just couldn't resist this sweet picture of the four Sink cousins!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A couple of weeks ago Kathryn had gone to VBS and gotten some jewel stick-on stickers. On the way home, she decided to decorate herself, and this is what she came home looking like...

She decided to be generous and share with her brother, who got in on the action...

Friday, July 08, 2011

2 Months Old!

Our sweet girl is 2 months old today!!! She continues to grow, although not quite as quickly as she did the first few months home! She now weighs 7lb 6oz, and is roughly 21 inches long. I'm not sure where the lies on the percentiles (she has her checkup at the pediatrician next week), but I'm sure it's on the low end, for weight at least. :) However, it is obvious to most people that she has grown. We especially notice it when she's in her car seat, as she now doesn't get lost in it!

We are noticing more and more awake time for her, with more alertness. Although she will often smile in her sleep and sometimes make smile-like faces when she's awake, we have yet to have a smile in response to someone or something. We are anxiously awaiting that moment! She is having longer periods of time where her eyes will meet ours, and that is fun to see her develop in that way! She can lift her head up when on her tummy, but it falls right back down again, so we are working on that skill. We also do Physical Therapy exercises with her, which are pretty basic right now and include range of motion, encouraging her to get her hands to her face, and tuck her feet/legs up to her middle.

Waverly still eats every three hours during the day (48mL/hour, and we are increasing it by 1mL every two days) and continuously at night for 10 hours (21mL/hour). We will work on increasing her nighttime intake once we get her daytime intake up to 65mL each feeding. She is doing well keeping her feeds down, although will still spit up occasionally.

Some other fun things she does is open her mouth and smack her lips into an oval. We aren't sure if she's trying to "talk" or doing it in response to reflux! But it's cute! She loves to be held, but does pretty well in her bouncy seat or on her boppy pillow under the play gym as well. She gets lots of love from her siblings, who also love to hold her. She does well in her carseat when we're out and about doing family activities or going to doctor's appointments. She did well this month on her first trip to the grocery store, too. Now, on to some pictures!

Every morning, she tends to have a fussy period sometime between 4 and 6a.m. If she won't settle down, I'll pull her into bed with me to snuggle and try to get a little more rest. (Although it's quite tricky to do it with her tangle of monitor and feeding pump cords...!) Here she is this morning snuggling in bed!She looks pretty in headbands... We were at a church program, and she was looking at me.

Funny face.
Sleepy smiles.
Every lady should cross her legs when sleeping on the Boppy...