Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jackson at 15 months

Our boy is 15 months old! How much he has changed since last year! The biggest thing I've noticed over the past few weeks is Jackson's understanding of language. Although he still isn't really communicating much more back to us (in speaking or signing), he is showing a lot of understanding when we say things. He follows simple commands like "Come here" or "Throw this away" or "Get your shoes" or "Go into your room". He's pointing a lot at things, and will grunt to tell us something. It's pretty funny how much he communicates in grunts! Enjoy some pictures of our boy, as well as more stories of what he's up to!

Where is Jackson? Can you find him? He loves climbing in things, and has been especially into climbing in his toy basket!
Helping Mommy unload the dishwasher by handing me silverware, one at a time!

This kid loves it when I vacuum. He probably knows how much the floor needs it, and is just so glad that I am finally getting around to it. Whatever the reason, he's funny whenever I bring it out. He will literally kiss the vacuum cleaner:
...and ride on it while I vacuum!

Making a funny face.

He's really gotten into learning this month. He will often bring me books, and then turn around and back himself up to my lap so I'll read to him. He's also really gotten into the shape sorter. He still needs help to know where to put the shapes, but loves trying to fit them into the right one.
One of the biggest changes of this month is that he is no longer nursing. He was nursing so little for the past few months it really was a smooth transition to not nursing. He kind of started not wanting it every few mornings, so I just kind of took his cues and nursed him when he wanted, and didn't when he wasn't interested. After a while, that led in to him just not nursing for several days in a row, and just like that, we were done. I am SO thankful that we were able to make it 14+ months nursing, and am also thankful for how smoothly we were able to transition out of it. Thank You, God!

The other big change is that he is officially a walker now. He is walking all over the place, and even running (in his cute little toddling way)! He is loving it, and honestly, so am I! It is much easier to be out in public with him now because I can let him down to walk around, instead of forcing him to stay in my arms or allowing him to crawl all over a dirty floor. I know most people think I'm crazy for wanting him to walk instead of crawl, but it truly is easier for me!

Jackson's sleeping habits are pretty much the same. He is sleeping a little later in the mornings, but only about half the time (till 7:30ish). The other half of the time, he's up at his normal 6:30ish. He is in transition from two naps to one nap, and it varies each day as to whether he will take one or two naps. It depends on when he wakes up in the morning, and whether or not we're out and about or at home (where he tends to want that morning nap).

We are a bit off schedule for his doctor's checkups, so I'll post his "15 month" stats in a couple of months when we actually make it to the doctor for his checkup! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Storm 2009!

On Friday night into Saturday, we got a big snowstorm here, totaling about 18 inches before it was all said and done. Friday was our anniversary (5 years!!!!!), and we already had plans to go out and the kids were going to stay at Johnny's parents. I thought our plans would have to be canceled, but there's no stopping us...! We got the kids there, and back, in spite of the snow! The kids had a BLAST playing in the snow! Enjoy some pictures of them from Saturday.

I was amazed at how much Jackson actually liked it. I figured he'd get cold and want to go inside pretty quickly, but he stayed out there and played for quite a while!

So funny in his big coat!
Kathryn had SO much fun! She loved throwing snowballs the best!
A drift almost as tall as she is!

Watch out!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Johnny was working out with the bands the other night, and Kathryn decided she needed a little workout too.

"How do you do it Daddy?" "Ok, I got it..."

Gettin' strong!
During snacktime the other day, I was trying to clean up the kitchen a little bit while they were finishing up. I guess I got distracted, because when I looked up, this is what I saw. Kathryn was helping Jackson.
He looked pretty content with his bountiful spread!
Kathryn was sick all last week. I finally took her to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with an ear infection. This was her pretty much all week last week. :(
The other day when I was taking pictures, she said, "Hey Mama! Take a picture of my piggies!" This is the result of her request. Such a cute picture! And, I just love that she still calls them "piggies"! :)


Kathryn: [Anonymous], you go poo-poo?
Anonymous (from the bathroom): Yes...
Kathryn: You need help?

In the bathtub, whenever Jackson stands up, Kathryn inspects him and asks (in a very concerned way)...
Kathryn: Buddy peeing, or just dripping?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I took a trip up to visit my family in Bridgewater. It was a nice afternoon, so we took the kids outside to jump on the trampoline. They had a BLAST! And I had to grab the camera to capture their amazing static hair. Enjoy the funny photos!

Siblings.Beautiful. Static. Beautiful Static.
Blowing bubbles!

Jumping! She looks like such a big girl in these pictures!

I love this one...
Jackson's hair was absolutely amazing!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


To the tune of "I've Got Peace Like a River"...
Kathryn: "I'm puttin' cloooothes innnn the hamper, I'm puttin' cloooothes innnn the hamper, I'm puttin' cloooothes innnn the hamper, of my sooouuuulllll.....!"

Friday, December 04, 2009


I know you were expecting it, the few things I forgot to add to Jackson's 14 month post. The first, I am almost scared to type. In fact, I am too scared to type, so you will just have to wait. But, it has to do with sleep, and I just don't want to jinx a good thing. Besides, it's only been this past week, which technically was after his 14 month birthday anyway.

The second thing to share is about his nursing. The little guy is still nursing away, just once a day! I am so thankful that he has made it this long with nursing. Praise God! I'm ready for him to quit whenever he wants to now, but am so thankful for how well he's done for these 14 months, and am just praying for a smooth transition out of it as he is ready. (Which I think will be soon, as a couple times this week he's woken up and not wanted it.)

He's also still wearing mostly 18 month clothes, although occasionally a pair of 12 month pants. And I feel like there were a couple other things to share, but of course, can't think of them now! :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Jackson at 14 months

If you do anything today, please watch this 40 second video of Jackson's sweet laugh. Then, continue reading about our "buddy" at 14 months old!

Yes, I am shamefully behind on this post, but better late than never! On Nov. 23, Jackson turned 14 months old! (That was also his Granddaddy's birthday!) His biggest accomplishment this past month has been WALKING! After thinking he would do this much earlier, he has officially become a walker. Unfortunately, I can't quite say exactly when this happened. He's been taking steps for a couple of months now, but every day he would take more and more. So I'm not quite sure when the transition from mostly-crawling to mostly-walking happened, but regardless, it happened!

He's also gotten more communicative. He now signs "more", "eat", "please", "all done", and has signed "fish" and "thank you" a couple of times! He still babbles a lot, too, and will often have a "conversation" with us in his own language!

He will point to his nose, head, and hair when we ask him. That's all he knows for now.

He's starting to want to do some "big boy" things, like put his shoes on. When he can't quite get them on himself, he's very cooperative to lift his foot up for me to put it on. He will also lift his legs so that we can put his pants on too! He also sat on the potty for the first time a couple of weeks ago, just for fun. He thought it was funny! (And so did Kathryn!)

He's also started "helping" me with chores. If he sees a rag, he will wipe something (usually the floor). Sound like somebody else? :) He also helps me put the dishes away from the dishwasher by handing me the silverware, one piece at a time. He thinks he's really big stuff when he gets to do that. He also helped me with laundry the other day by putting the wet clothes into the dryer. Remind you of somebody? He will go crazy if he sees a phone laying around, and picks it up and says "hi" and "yeah" as he holds it up to his ear.

He is really funny when he shakes his head, sometimes to say no, sometimes just to be silly. He does have quite the strong opinion about things, though, and certainly lets us know when he's not happy about something. He screams a lot, and we are trying to figure out how to teach him not to do that. Any ideas? :)

He has done really well with obeying when we say "no touch". It's taken a lot of training recently, but he's done especially well with our Christmas tree. I was dreading putting it up this year because of trying to keep him from messing with it, but he will walk over to it, put his hand out, then say "no!" and pull it back really quickly, sometimes while shaking his head. He also babbles some other things when he does it, maybe baby muttering about how uncool it is that we won't let him touch it!

He's gotten even more loving towards people recently as well. He gives hugs all the time, putting his little arms around your neck and squeezing so hard! He especially loves to hug his big sister! It's also neat to see his understanding and heart, as he is quick to hug when he knows he's done something to hurt Kathryn. He will give her a hug then rub her arm or head as if to ask forgiveness. I pray that he continues to have a heart of repentance and compassion as he grows.

Finally, he is starting to understand a lot more of what we say, too. The other day I told him it was time to eat, so to go to his high chair. He walked right over to his chair, and waited for me there to put him in it. Also, yesterday I told him to go get some books to read, and he walked over to the bookshelf to pick some out. He's started to really enjoy reading books, and will often sit down and flip through one on his own. (The touch and feel ones are his favorite.) He's also really enjoyed trying to do puzzles, as well as rolling cars along the floor. He loves to throw balls, wrestle, and get into the utensil drawer in the kitchen, banging them all over the floor, walls, cabinets, trash can, etc. Sounds like a boy, huh? :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Me: Kathryn, what are you thankful for?
Kathryn: Jesus!
Me: What else are you thankful for?
Kathryn: Chocolate!

watching a video of her as a baby:
Me: Kathryn, that's you when you were a baby.
Kathryn: No, that's me when I was a boy.

Me: Why did Daddy bring me flowers today?
Kathryn: Because you're special!

Seeing Johnny carrying the vacuum cleaner up the stairs:
Kathryn: Daddy, you're so strong! Show me your muscles!
Johnny, with a look of satisfaction and pride, flexes.
Kathryn: Oooh, do it again!

Kathryn: What's in your nose?
Anonymous: I don't think there's anything in my nose.
Kathryn: Yeah, I see hairs!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my girl Kathryn

It's been a while since I've posted much about Kathryn, and the last post about her was really just her singing. The last post about her development and activities was back in July. So, it's time to tell a bit about what our girl is up to these days.
This is an old-ish picture, but I LOVE this dress on her!
Kathryn still has funny sleep positions, and she never stops moving in her sleep. I found her like this one day after her nap:

She is totally into "leggins" right now, and loves to wear them whenever I allow her to. The other day, we went totally funky, and I put her hair up in crazy ponytails. She thought she was something special! Showing her "super girl" pose:

A little sass:
She's really into babies these days, maybe because so many of our friends are either having babies or have had babies recently. Kathryn likes to pretend she has a baby in her tummy, and wanted to put her balloon in her shirt the other night as her baby. Here she is letting Jackson "feel the baby kick".
Mommies-to-be need to eat healthy snacks like yogurt.
When we asked her what her baby was, she said it was a boy. When we asked her what she was going to name the baby, her reply? "Jesus!" She continues to be such a joy for us. Some other things she has been into recently include typing on the computer (she types messages to people, and then "reads" them to me so I can type the translation). Usually her messages end up being something like, "Dear _______, I wub you and miss you!" She is such a great talker, saying almost everything these days. But there are a few things she says that I just love, including "heep hops" for flip flops and "piggies" for toes. She tells people her favorite color is purple (just like her mama!), and still calls Jackson "Buddy" as well as Jackson. She's been going through a growth spurt recently, and has honestly been hungry constantly throughout the day. I can't seem to get the girl full!

She's been doing great with going to the potty still. She loves to tickle Jackson, jump in leaf piles, ride her tricycle, go to the mall, go "somewhere different", go anywhere, (can you tell she's a girl on the go?), and help me with anything. She still loves to help cook, so I'm looking forward to Christmas baking with her this year. She puts soap in the dishwasher and starts it for me (with my assistance, of course!). She's really into crafts, and loves to learn new things. She loves watching videos on the computer, of herself or her friends, as well as Annie (Hard Knock Life is her favorite). She's totally into princesses, even though she's yet to see any of the classic Disney princess movies. I am interested to see how she is once she sees one! A few weeks ago she had her first ever McDonald's Happy Meal, and thought she was something special! (Thanks, Granddaddy!) She recognizes Bojangles, Chick-Fil-A, and Famous Anthony's by their signs, and points them out whenever we go past one! (blush...!) Speaking of blush, she loves to put on makeup with me as well. She also still loves to sing, and often asks me, "Mama, what song is in your head?" Then we talk about what songs are in our heads, which often results in singing together. She knows many Scripture verses just by singing them, which is so cool! (And I get to learn them right along with her!) It's hard to believe in just a couple short months, she will be three. Even though people already think she's three, it seems like such a milestone. Two years old is still, well, little, but three seems so much bigger to me for some reason. I can no longer call her a baby (as in, "I have two babies") once she's three. But, I am so looking forward to what the days hold for her. Kathryn, we love you!