Saturday, December 19, 2009


Johnny was working out with the bands the other night, and Kathryn decided she needed a little workout too.

"How do you do it Daddy?" "Ok, I got it..."

Gettin' strong!
During snacktime the other day, I was trying to clean up the kitchen a little bit while they were finishing up. I guess I got distracted, because when I looked up, this is what I saw. Kathryn was helping Jackson.
He looked pretty content with his bountiful spread!
Kathryn was sick all last week. I finally took her to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with an ear infection. This was her pretty much all week last week. :(
The other day when I was taking pictures, she said, "Hey Mama! Take a picture of my piggies!" This is the result of her request. Such a cute picture! And, I just love that she still calls them "piggies"! :)


Randy and Lindsay said...

Glad she's feeling better! And that she's helping Jackson be a piggie:) And I to love that she still calls her toes piggies.....LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

Annelise & Ethan said...

She's so cute working out with her daddy! Does Jackson try to mess with your tree? We have a big gate around ours. It is too much temptation for Ethan this year!

La Familia Garcia said...

The both look so big and cute, they're hair is getting so long.

The Crabtrees said...

Definitely exquisitely beautiful children! Grammy