Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here are the results from Jackson's doctor's appointment. I can't find the papers, but I do remember that he weighed 21 lbs 3 oz, which is the 25th percentile (down from the 99th percentile when he was born). I can't remember his head and head circumference inches, but both were in the mid-60s percentile. So, in keeping with his sister, he is tall and skinny with a big head! I of course forgot a few things in his one year post, so here are a few more random things to add to the list (that I don't want to forget).

-Has 4 teeth (and two more about to come through).
-Goes to bed around 7:30 or 8:00, sleeps all night, wakes up sometime during the 6:00 hour (usually before 6:30) to nurse, and is half the time up for the day then. The other half of the time, he goes back to sleep for a little while (anywhere from 10-60 minutes).
-points to the sky when he sees/hears an airplane.
-screams (in a happy scream, not a crying scream) in response to other babies when they make noises (especially when we're out in a store or something).
-and finally, took 4 teeny steps by himself yesterday. We know he has the ability to walk, he just won't do it yet!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jackson is ONE!!

Happy Birthday Jackson! Enjoy a post full of pictures and info about our now big boy! Jackson continues to be into everything. He loves climbing on things, especially when he can get to something better.

"A barrier to keep me from leaving the room? No problem...I'll just climb over it!"
"Yes, I finally made it to the stairs.....again!!!"
"I'm ONE!!!"

Check out the dirt he got into. He still loves getting into dirt, digging in it with his hands, putting it all over him, and just plain crawling through it.
More climbing/standing on chairs.
We had his official birthday party on Sunday (yes, before his actual birthday), but we saved a little bit of cake for him to have today. He had lots of fun with it!
Cake in the hair...
Getting sleepy...eating cake and being one is hard!
Jackson still loves his paci, and his lovey. He's so cute with it, holding it up to his cheek to soothe himself. Still like a baby...
He's starting to learn a lot too! He now puts things on his head when we tell him to, and will put his hands on his head when we ask him where it is.
More lovey pictures...

Some other things our ONE year old can do:
-clapping! He is a very enthusiastic clapper!
-dancing. He's getting into music more and more.
-standing. Even though he can't walk by himself yet, he can stand for pretty long periods. He also cruises all over the place still.
-screaming. He loves to have screetching matches with his sister!
-blowing/tooting horns. He's really good at playing Kathryn's pretend trumpet and harmonica! We were proud of him for figuring that out!
-blowing kisses!
-lovin'. He's very sweet, and will sweetly put his head against someone/something to "give them love". He does this to people, toys, and babies in books.
-His favorite foods include bread, Cheerios, puffs, and baked ziti. He also downed some asparagus tonight. He's getting picky about what he'll eat, and even if he's eating a particular food well, if he gets or sees something more appealing, he will refuse the first food for the rest of the meal and only eat the "better" of the foods. We have to be careful about what he sees when he's eating so he gets enough of the good stuff. We're also trying to transition out of baby food, giving him pieces of food instead. However, he still seems to often prefer the baby food texture, or will at least eat more/better when it's in pureed form (even though we try not to make it super thin).
-He's down to nursing twice a day now. I am so proud of him for making it to a year. My goal was to nurse him at least one year, and I am so thankful that we've made it this far!

He goes to the doctor for his checkup on Friday, so I'll post his stats then. Happy Birthday to our Buddy!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Book Giveaway

So yes, I have yet to actually win any giveaways I've blogged about, but here's another shot at it! Click here to visit a fun blog, and enter to win a book! I actually know the author of this blog from college, so that's fun too! If you're a mama of young ones, her blog is a neat one to keep up with as she shares about great books and activities for little ones.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Here are a few pictures I've snapped in the past few months. They are all unaltered (straight from the camera to the computer). What do you think? Any advice from you seasoned photographers??

Thursday, September 10, 2009

blast from the past

For a fun blast from the past (and some interesting pictures of me over the years), head on over to the Whiteds blog by clicking here. Krisha wrote an ode to me for my birthday. Thought you all might enjoy!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Amazing Grace

Kathryn has really been into singing lately (well, always). One of her new favorites is Amazing Grace. Here are two renditions. The first one is a bit more serious. In the second one, she was in more of a goofy mood, but I thought it was funny so I included it too. Enjoy! :)