Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

We were so blessed to have a happy and healthy Christmas all together this year! 

We had a hard time getting a decent pic of all the cousins together.  This is the best one I got! 

Pretty girl!

Baby's First Christmas!

Present time!

Too much Christmas!

Checking out Waverly's Nap Nanny.

Family pic.

 As I took Waverly in later in the day to change her out of her poofy Christmas dress I realized she was awake and happy and the light was perfect for a photo op.  I couldn't choose which pic was best, so here are all of them! 

 One last Christmas-y outfit pic of a very chubby-looking girl!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We enjoyed time with family on Christmas Eve. 

I love his eyelashes!

So beautiful!

Waverly watching the festivities with Aunt Lindsay.

A couple of years ago we started the tradition of giving the kids new jammies for Christmas Eve.  They get to open them that night and put them on.  Here they are before opening their pjs. 

Modeling their new pjs.  Notice how they somewhat match (colors and penguins).  That was hard.

 This year Kathryn was really funny about Santa Claus.  She knows the truth about him, but she still hears so much about him that in a sense he's very real to her still as well.  She decided that she needed to put out milk and cookies for him this year for the first time.  She was super cute getting it all together.  She wanted to write a note for him too, and dictated quite the letter, explaining to him about the reindeer food on the front lawn, his choice between a Coke (pictured) and milk that was in the fridge, etc. 

 Santa of course wrote back and enjoyed his treats. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tree

We enjoyed going out to cut down our Christmas tree for the first time this year!  We've talked about doing it before, but the kids have always been too small, etc.  But this year we went for it.  We had fun finding just the right tree and cutting it down.  And yes, it's important to wear a pink boa when you go pick out a tree. 

 The big kids found their own "trees" to drag back to the car as well.  Such big helpers! 

 Then we came back and decorated the tree.  I love these pictures and how Waverly was a part of "helping'! 

 Every year, after the tree is decorated, we turn off all the lights in the house, turn on all the Christmas lights, put on Christmas music, and eat ice cream as we sit and look at our beautiful work.