Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet Baby

I couldn't decide which pic was best, so here are three very similar ones! :) She'll be coming home very soon, and we are SO excited! Remember you can check out her blog for more specific updates as we get them!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Waverly has had lots of love from her family in her almost-three weeks of life!

I love this last picture, how her Great-Grandmom, Great-Granddad, and Great Uncle Dan are hovering over her! They seriously did this for hours while they were visiting her, watching her sweet sleepy smiles (she loved it when Grandmom called her "gorgeous"!). Waverly, you are LOVED!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Pictures

Our family of FIVE!
Peeking at his baby sister...

She's such a proud big sister, and SO happy that it's a girl!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Waverly's Blog!

We've set up a new blog for Waverly's updates. Please visit www.waverlysjourney.blogspot.com to keep up to date on our little girl!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Waverly Ann Sink!!!

We'd love for you to meet the newest member of our family, Waverly Ann Sink!

She was born on Sunday, May 8 (Mother's Day!!!) at 6:23a.m., weighing 5lbs 5.4 oz, and 18.75 inches long. She is precious, and we are so thankful for our little blessing! She's been in the NICU (the reason for the tape on her face...I call it her mustache!). More updates soon to follow.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Warning: Men, read at your own risk...Thanks for being patient with us during a little silence. I was admitted to the hospital last night (Friday), and they started Cervidil. They checked me this morning after 12 hours, and it did little to help my cervix. However, the doctor wanted to go ahead and try Pitocin to see if that would help to dilate me. After 8 hours on the Pitocin, I had only dilated to 1cm. So, they stopped the Pitocin for the night, let me eat dinner (woohoo! see the above picture of me "eating" my liquid lunch...), and at about 7:00 they are going to give me another dose of Cervidil. They will leave that in place overnight, and then will start more Pitocin in the morning. The doctor feels confident that that will do the trick, and we should have a baby by tomorrow. I was quite discouraged earlier in the day by all this, but am ok now (maybe because I finally got to EAT!). I am encouraged to know that we are getting closer to meeting our little one, even if it is a little later than we thought. Even though it's been a bit of a boring and slow day, I am also trying to be thankful for the quiet time (how often do us moms long for just a few minutes of peace, much less a whole day?!?). Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. A few specific prayer requests:
-the Cervidil could spark labor for me on my own. That'd be great!
-rest for tonight, if labor doesn't start.
-strength for delivery.
-and of course, prayers for our little Baby!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Baby is a-comin'!

After my appointments on Monday and then again today, the doctors agree that they should induce me on Saturday at 37 weeks along. So, I have one more appointment tomorrow to check on Baby, and am scheduled to go in the hospital Friday evening to start Cervidil and then will start the Pitocin on Saturday to start labor. The baby looked good on the ultrasound today. It still has the fluid in its ventricles, but was "breathing" well (we saw bubbles going in and out of its nose...so cute!). We also saw Baby swallow, which was good. And on the Biophysical Profile on Monday, Baby scored 10 out of 10. So, all those are good signs. For now, we just have to wait a few more days to see who God created this little one to be. And little he/she is...they estimate 5 pounds! Although that is normally just an estimate, they feel like they are pretty close on its size since they are able to get such good pictures and measurements due to all the amniotic fluid. So, about half the size of my last kid....whoa! Thanks so much for all your prayers, encouragement, offers of help, etc. We have been so blessed by the body of Christ and friends and family over the past several weeks. We look forward to introducing you to our Little Blessing very soon!

"I like dirt!"

Yes, that's dirt all around his mouth. It looked even better in person! This boy is so silly!
He just pointed to my belly button and said "Nose", as in, the baby's nose. He loves to feel the baby go "bonk", as he calls it, when Baby kicks. He is talking more and more these days. Common phrases are "She hit me", "I don't want to", "Watch this", and "Look at me!" He is still as sweet as he can be, but also in a very two-year-old phase of challenging what is asked of him. He still has a hilarious sense of humor. He loves to hit the baseball, and does so left-handed. He also golfs left-handed, but will throw and do other things right-handed. He likes to play with trains and cars, and often lines them up in a perfect line. He gets super excited when he sees trains "choo choos" when we're driving. He can recognize a few letters, including J (for Jackson), K (for Kathryn, who he usually calls Sissy), and B. He also counts, although I'm not sure how high he can get by himself. He often gets 1-4 by himself, and then sporadic numbers from there until 10. He likes to point out things that go around ("round, round"). He still doesn't seem to know his colors very well...he guesses everything is either blue or orange. Wonder where he gets that color combo from? :) He's sitting here with me now, and desperately wants to type, so I'll let him close it out.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Preliminary Amnio Results

We got a call from the doctor on Friday with the preliminary amnio results. We will get the full results by the end of this week, but before the full results are ready, they run the test for the three most common chromosomal abnormalities: Down's Syndrome, Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18. These three make up about 90% of the chromosomal abnormalities seen in infants. According to the doctor, this preliminary test has a "high degree of accuracy", and ours came back clear on all three. So, it looks like those are not what we are dealing with at this point. Like I said, the rest of the results (which tests for other chromosomal abnormalities) should come back by the end of this week. Of course, if there is something else going on with Baby (genetic, neurological, digestive, etc.), we won't know anything still, since they can't check for those via amniocentesis. So, we continue to wait and see! I have appointments this week on Monday and Wednesday so far (and we'll see if they add more on!). Thanks for the continued prayers as we wait and see what God has in store for our sweet little one!