Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Baby is a-comin'!

After my appointments on Monday and then again today, the doctors agree that they should induce me on Saturday at 37 weeks along. So, I have one more appointment tomorrow to check on Baby, and am scheduled to go in the hospital Friday evening to start Cervidil and then will start the Pitocin on Saturday to start labor. The baby looked good on the ultrasound today. It still has the fluid in its ventricles, but was "breathing" well (we saw bubbles going in and out of its cute!). We also saw Baby swallow, which was good. And on the Biophysical Profile on Monday, Baby scored 10 out of 10. So, all those are good signs. For now, we just have to wait a few more days to see who God created this little one to be. And little he/she is...they estimate 5 pounds! Although that is normally just an estimate, they feel like they are pretty close on its size since they are able to get such good pictures and measurements due to all the amniotic fluid. So, about half the size of my last kid....whoa! Thanks so much for all your prayers, encouragement, offers of help, etc. We have been so blessed by the body of Christ and friends and family over the past several weeks. We look forward to introducing you to our Little Blessing very soon!


Randy and Lindsay said...

WOOOO HOOOOOO This Auntie is ready to meet Baby Sink for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for a smooth uneventful weekend....and that Little Baby Sink is just that Little!!! :) LOVE YOU!

Cindy Perdue said...

Can't wait to meet my newest great niece or nephew. Praying for everything to go well. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that your test results were positive. I'm looking forward to seeing your new little one. ---Linda