Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Jackson: "I'm a man, like daddy!"

Me: "Don't you just love this warm weather in the winter?  I'll take it!"
Kathryn: "I'll take it too!  Whatever God gives, I'll take, because it's good."

In a family discussion about heaven, and how our bodies will be made new, with no hurts or pain:
Kathryn: "Yeah, and no ear defections!"  (aka, infections)

Jackson: "Sissy eat her booger!"
Johnny and I exchange an oh-brother glace, before realizing her was commenting about her eating her burger

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Waverly at 9 months!

Our little lady is a big nine-month-old now!  She had a good check up at the doctor's today, and now weighs 17 lbs 4 oz and is 26 inches long.  She's definitely grown these past few months!  

One big new thing she experienced this month was her first pedicure!  She was able to get in on the action of her big sister getting her nails painted.  Her little toes looked so cute with pink nail polish!  Although she was not a fan of actually getting them painted, and pulled her foot away every time the brush touched her nail! 

 Her other big news of the month is that she got glasses!  She looks so cute in them, although she has a hard time keeping them on her.  They have a strap that goes around the back of her head, but she wiggles her head back and forth, and they are off in a minute.  We are working on getting them rigged so they will stay on better.  Apparently she is far-sighted, so these should help her see closer up. 

 I love her little smirk here!

 This past week in particular she has been a super happy baby!  She wakes up with a huge smile, and continues to grin and coo all day long.  We are absolutely loving it! 

 She also experienced her first (and hopefully last!) UTI this month.  She really only had a couple of days of seeming miserable, and we were quite worried about her since we didn't know what was wrong.  She would have these long crying spells that I thought were seizures (may still have been).  This picture is of her during a crying fit in the middle of the night.  She didn't sleep at all.  Poor baby...  She's since been on antibiotics and has been much better!

 What a chunker!

 This is a dress that Kathryn wore a lot at her age (or maybe a bit older even!). 

 I took this picture the other morning to show her morning cocktail of medicines.  It's quite a lot!  Of course, she has two extra here because of her UTI (an antibiotic and a steroid).  But still!  There's Miralax (in the measuring spoon to be mixed in with her milk), Keppra (for seizures), Vigabatrin (for seizures), Zantac (for reflux), vitamins, probiotics, cod liver oil, and then the antibiotic and steroid.  Whew!  She sure keeps me busy! 

Waverly still sleeps in our room in the bassinet that she has far outgrown by now.  We are in the process of getting a big bed for her (more on that later), but I just wasn't brave enough to move her to her own room yet.  However, after a few nights in a row of her waking up and wanting to party, I think I may have to try her in the bassinet in her room tonight to see if I get some sleep.  I'm nervous though!  She's now wearing some 12 month clothes, and some 9 month clothes, although she's pretty much outgrown all 9 month shirts (her big belly sticks out!).  Her schedule is still random throughout the day with napping, and she definitely likes to be held to go to sleep.  Stinker! 

We have been loving seeing her personality shine this past week or two!  Hopefully I can post a video here soon so you can see how sweet she is in action!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Church Picture

At church this morning we realized that Waverly was wearing the same dress that Kathryn had on when we got our picture taken for a church banner. Coincidentally, I had on something similar too! We haven't changed too much since that first picture, have we?