Saturday, August 27, 2011

A few lost pics

I found these pics on a camera that had lost its battery and had never uploaded them to the computer or the blog. Enjoy a few old pics from the hospital.

Our three kids.
Cute, sweet, small girl.

Car seat study the day before discharge from the NICU.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baseball Game

This summer we've been to the Salem Red Sox baseball game twice! The kids have loved going, and both nights we went were perfect baseball nights! The kids especially loved the popcorn and ice cream, and yelling "Charge!" after any kind of music over the loudspeaker!

Monday, August 08, 2011

3 months old!!

Waverly is 3 months old today!!! She celebrated by having her first out-of-the-hospital follow up with the neurologist! (All cool kids celebrate that way, right?!?) (More on that appointment to come.) She is definitely growing, and as of today is a whopping 9 pounds!!! Way to go little girl!

One of her favorite things to do recently is spend time in her bouncy seat and "talk" to the animals that hang on the toy bar. For some reason, when she's in the right mood, she gets so excited to see the animals and will squeal away at them. She's also spent two times in the sling, and liked it pretty well this last time.
These next two pictures are for comparison. The first was taken today, the second was taken the day we brought her home from the NICU, just before she was 1 month old. Can you tell she's grown??
The other night she was sleeping in her bouncy seat, and had her hands just so placed. So cute!
We are also finally being able to put some different outfits on her, now that she's outgrowing her newborn sized clothes. Bring on the 0-3 months! Yay!
A few other facts about our growing girl: She still eats every three hours via g-tube, and is up to 63mL/hour during those day time feeds. We hope to get her up to 65 by the end of the week. She is now up to full feeds during the night, getting 30mL/hour for 10 hours (9p.m.-7a.m.). She has dropped her Reglan medication, and is now just on two meds for reflux (Zantac and Prevacid), and is doing well with that. We still see occasional smiles from her, but are still not quite sure that they are in response to us. She does love to study faces, and will track movements with her eyes, which is great for her! She loves to spend time lounging in her boppy or being held, and enjoys being outside (when it's not too hot!). She has her first cold, which is sad for us! Please pray that she gets over that very soon! She is very loved by her big sister and brother, who love to hold her, lay beside her, and give her kisses. She brings so much joy to those around her. Waverly, we love you!

Thursday, August 04, 2011


We had a special visit the other week from Aunt Judy and cousins Becky and Joey. The kids were so excited to spend time with them, especially when Judy asked Kathryn what she wanted to do for lunch. Kathryn's response went something like this. "Well, did you know we have a Chunky Cheese here? It's really cool, and it has pizza that's pretty good. Oh, and some games. I could tell you how to get there. Have you ever been there, to Chunky Cheese? It's really cool for lunch." (Chunky Cheese=Chucky Cheese) So, Kathryn conned her way into going out for a special lunch and they had a blast getting such a special treat! Thanks for the visit!

Potty Training!

Some people have thought I was crazy to try potty training with Jackson in the midst of all our craziness, but honestly this was the best week to try it (as in no appointments, etc.). So, we went to Target late last week, picked out some big boy underwear and MnM's, and got set to start this week. So far he's done really well, and we're very proud of him! I am hoping that the trend continues, and it just eases naturally into no more diapers for him (except at night). Part of the process is lots of nakedness and time spent just in undies. One morning we decided some undie soccer was in order. And seriously, there's something just stinkin' cute about a little guy in his undies! Makes him look like such a big boy and no longer a baby anymore!