Thursday, August 04, 2011

Potty Training!

Some people have thought I was crazy to try potty training with Jackson in the midst of all our craziness, but honestly this was the best week to try it (as in no appointments, etc.). So, we went to Target late last week, picked out some big boy underwear and MnM's, and got set to start this week. So far he's done really well, and we're very proud of him! I am hoping that the trend continues, and it just eases naturally into no more diapers for him (except at night). Part of the process is lots of nakedness and time spent just in undies. One morning we decided some undie soccer was in order. And seriously, there's something just stinkin' cute about a little guy in his undies! Makes him look like such a big boy and no longer a baby anymore!


Laurie B. said...

Agreed. Boys in undies. I like to think (you know, as the mom of boys) that this is the one area where the boys take the girls.
We have some stinkin cute underwear! :-)

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

He is just toooooo precious.
He is definitely a big boy now.
Love to all.