Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goode Family Christmas

My mom is one of eight siblings, and every year at Christmastime as many as can make it try to get together. This year was a little different, as we had the celebrations the week before Christmas (on our 6th anniversary!). We also had it at a nearby barn for part of the time. It was coollllld, but a neat venue for the fun. We had a pinata, a band ensemble, and a visit from Santa Claus! Enjoy lots and lots of pictures from the fun!

Here's my cousin's little guy, Payton, getting ready for the pinata. He's exactly a week older than Jackson! Jackson swinging at the pinata.
Diana and her family just welcomed Bunte into their family from Ethiopia a few weeks ago! What fun it was to meet this special little guy. The kids were super excited to meet their new cousin too!
Kathryn was especially excited to have a cousin her age now! You can tell he's already used to cheesing for the camera!
Kathryn and her cousin Joey.
My aunt and uncle, Mark and Ann!
The kids waiting for the pinata to break...
Kathryn taking a turn.
My brother Nick taking his turn.
Finally, it broke! The kids all gathering candy. Look at Bunte!! So cute!!!
Look closely in this picture. Bunte is putting candy into his pockets, but already has a piece sticking out of his mouth. Classic...!
Jackson stuffed his pockets so full!
Johnny and my dad chatting. Cute picture!
Bunte with some of his stash.
Santa came!
Bunte wouldn't sit on Santa's lap until Kathryn sat with him. So cute! (I think Kathryn had a piece of candy in her mouth in this picture...)
At one point in the evening, I looked over and Kathryn was over where the band was. Apparently she was getting a lesson on the dulcimer.
After the visit with Santa, Jackson ran back over to where the candy was and enjoyed being the only one. He sat there for several minutes just putting as much as he could into his pockets!

The band.
My Grandma and Santa. Isn't she beautiful?!?
The girls and Santa. See any sibling resemblance?
Candy overflowing out of Jackson's pocket.
My mom and her mom.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quotable-Conversation Edition

At bedtime, we sit down as a family and each tell something we're thankful for. This conversation stemmed from that routine.

Kathryn: I'm thankful for all things that beautiful are. (I'm not sure about her choice of grammar there, but that's how she said it!)
Daddy: Is Mommy beautiful?
Kathryn: No, she's gorgeous!
Daddy: Is Jackson beautiful?
Kathryn: No, he's handsome. He's a boy.
Daddy: Is Daddy beautiful?
Kathryn: No, you're handsome too.
Daddy: Is the moon beautiful tonight?
Kathryn: No, the moon is handsome too. Cuz it's a boy too. Cuz there's a man up there.
Daddy: Are you beautiful?
Kathryn: Yes.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our 6th anniversary

Johnny and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on December 18th! We were able to get away for the weekend the weekend before our anniversary, and we were so blessed by our weekend together! We traveled up to the Harrisonburg area, where we stayed in an amazing cottage that belongs to a family we went to church with up in that area. We didn't take many pictures of the weekend, except for the time we went up to Reddish Knob. It was a bit scary going up as we ran into some snow as we got higher up, but we made it, and enjoyed the view. Johnny took most of these pictures, since I was too cold to be out of the car much!

16 weeks pregnant. Our third child on the way in six years!
On the way up, we saw this and thought it was pretty.

We have been so blessed with such a great marriage, and thank God for giving us each other and for blessing us so much. May we continue to be so in love with Him, and therefore so in love with each other.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

We've been busy decorating for Christmas the past couple of weeks. Enjoy some pictures of our adventures!

Starting December 1st, we have been doing a family devotional called the Jesse Tree. Each night, we read a Scripture and then place an ornament on this tree hanging. We will end with baby Jesus. Each ornament tells of how God had planned for Christ, and how He saves us. The kids, Kathryn in particular, have loved it, and we've loved having such a special thing each night to point us to the real reason we celebrate Christmas. The night we decorated the tree...
Jackson took a break to be goofy!
...and so did Kathryn!
After we get the tree all decorated, we have a family tradition of turning off all the lights except the Christmas ones, and eating some ice cream as we sit around our beautiful tree.

The finished product...
Inspecting their hard work...