Monday, December 20, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

We've been busy decorating for Christmas the past couple of weeks. Enjoy some pictures of our adventures!

Starting December 1st, we have been doing a family devotional called the Jesse Tree. Each night, we read a Scripture and then place an ornament on this tree hanging. We will end with baby Jesus. Each ornament tells of how God had planned for Christ, and how He saves us. The kids, Kathryn in particular, have loved it, and we've loved having such a special thing each night to point us to the real reason we celebrate Christmas. The night we decorated the tree...
Jackson took a break to be goofy!
...and so did Kathryn!
After we get the tree all decorated, we have a family tradition of turning off all the lights except the Christmas ones, and eating some ice cream as we sit around our beautiful tree.

The finished product...
Inspecting their hard work...

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