Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quotable-Conversation Edition

At bedtime, we sit down as a family and each tell something we're thankful for. This conversation stemmed from that routine.

Kathryn: I'm thankful for all things that beautiful are. (I'm not sure about her choice of grammar there, but that's how she said it!)
Daddy: Is Mommy beautiful?
Kathryn: No, she's gorgeous!
Daddy: Is Jackson beautiful?
Kathryn: No, he's handsome. He's a boy.
Daddy: Is Daddy beautiful?
Kathryn: No, you're handsome too.
Daddy: Is the moon beautiful tonight?
Kathryn: No, the moon is handsome too. Cuz it's a boy too. Cuz there's a man up there.
Daddy: Are you beautiful?
Kathryn: Yes.

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Krisha said...

Love that!!!! Read it out loud to my family for a laugh!