Saturday, July 21, 2012


I have been terrrrrible about updating our family blog lately!  I apologize.  I've done a little better keeping up with Waverly's blog, but life has been just busy!  With that being said, enjoy some fun pictures from our vacation last month! 

Kathryn got to ride down with Johnny's parents and aunt, and we just had Jackson and Waverly with us.  That worked out nicely.  :)  They both traveled very well, as good as we could have hoped.  I couldn't resist this sweet picture of Jackson napping in the car!

A picture of our campsite this year...

It was five sites away from the pool, which Kathryn absolutely loved the most.  You can see the pool area (fence) to the left.  Beyond that on the horizon is the beach.  It was within walking distance. 

We enjoyed a lot of time relaxing, swimming, reading, playing, and eating!  We all enjoyed lots of snuggles from Waverly, and she enjoyed being a beach bum!

 This is her after swimming in the pool, all wrapped up in a towel. 
 Here she is in her new neck ring.  It's a WaterWayBaby ring, and was really neat.  It basically keeps her head up and afloat, and lets her body enjoy the water.  It was neat to see her "weightless" in the water.  I was able to see her move and stretch in ways I've never seen before.  She's always enjoyed her bath time, but had never been in a pool.  I hope to be able to take her swimming more often and maybe even have some hydrotherapy sessions. 
 Kathryn and I enjoyed lots of time at the pool together.  Every moment she could get, she was in the water.  She's never had swimming lessons, but you'd hardly know.  She's all over the pool, even doing flips!  What a big girl!  She really loved swimming with Waverly too!

This was Waverly's first time ever in a swimming pool.  She liked it!  :) 

Kathryn was so happy to have her little sister swimming with her!

We enjoy lots of wildlife at the beach too since we camp.  This duck was eating peanuts out of our hands.  He even ate from Kathryn and Jackson's hands!  Here he was eating from Johnny. 

Apparently the situation ticked off another bird, who then pooped on Johnny's shirt!

There are also squirrels (who sometimes eat out of our hands)...

...and woodpeckers (can you spot him?).

 Waverly got lots of snuggles during the week.  Here she is getting some great-aunt love!
 She had some crazy hair too!
 We attempted some family pics too.