Friday, April 25, 2008

Playing with Daddy

Kathryn has no fear...the higher, the better! (Sometimes Mommy has to look away...!)The other day, Johnny climbed one of our trees to get down a few dead branches. Kathryn was dying to get up there with him, so finally I lifted her up to him to sit in the tree with Daddy.

After she got down from the tree, she wanted to be a part of the clean up, so she dutifully dragged her big branch over to the pile.

Update on my Grandpa

Hey everybody, this is Kathryn...I just wanted to give a quick update on my Grandpa. The surgery went well, and he is back home now. He is in more pain than he'd like to be, but thinks it may be because the meds aren't turned up all the way, so when he goes back next week, they will probably make some adjustments to help him feel even better. Thanks for praying for him!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pray for Dad...again!!

Please pray for my dad today...he is having surgery to have the permanent pain pump placed. It is an outpatient procedure, but still pretty major, as they are surgically placing the pump and medicine in him and into his spine. We are so thankful that he didn't have to wait until May or June to have this done, but instead were able to get him in at the last minute for today!
You can leave a comment for him to read when he gets home...I'm sure that it will encourage him greatly to know of everybody who's thinking of and praying for him! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

last Saturday

So, these next few posts are dedicated to the "past", as in a few things from this past week. This first one is from last Saturday, when we went to the UVA Spring Game. The last time we went to a football game was, of course, last fall, so Kathryn was still baby-like. She had lots of fun this time, although was quite more active and up and around. She did sit some.

She liked clapping when everybody else did, or after the band finished their songs. The band was her favorite part about the afternoon, and she particularly loved when Aunt KK took her down really close to the band to see and hear them better. When she brought her back up, she kept singing "more" and pointing back down to them.
Watching with Granddaddy.

Looking out over the field after the game.

With Grandma.
Do you like my round belly, pigtails, and UVA hair bows?


Last Sunday, I dressed Kathryn in one of my shirts from when I was a baby. I thought she was super cute, of course. Do you remember me in this, mom?


Yesterday was such a beautiful day...the first shorts day of the season! To commemorate, I took lots of pictures (I've really gotten into taking lots of pictures of our little girl again, if you can't tell).

After her nap, Kathryn's hair looked a little rough...

I was trying to capture how cute and big she looked in her little shorts and sandals. She insisted on making her smile/funny face...

Kathryn and daddy watching Fraggle Rock, once again!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

15 month check-up, pigtails, and remembrance

Kathryn had her 15 month well check-up today, which ended up being a combination sick visit to the doctor as well. The results? She's now 31.5 inches tall (78th percentile), 23.5 pounds (57th percentile), and her head measures 18.8 inches (92nd percentile!). So, the girl is pretty tall, average weight, and has a big noggin! The sick part ended up being another double ear infection. She wasn't really acting sick yesterday, but was up most of the night crying and with a fever, so I was suspecting an ear infection today and was glad that we already happened to have an appointment to go in. By the time we got to the doctor, her temperature was 104! Poor baby. She's been pretty miserable all day, and spent most of the day sitting on my lap or being carried in my arms. She is now on antibiotics again, and the doctor wants to recheck her in a few weeks. She may refer her to an ear, nose, and throat doctor (France, wish you were closer!). I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are the pictures of her pigtails from last week...

Even though you can't really see both pigtails in these next pictures I had to include them. She looks like such a little girl and not a baby in these last two pictures in particular. Wow....

Finally, please remember to pray for all those affected one year ago today by the Virginia Tech shootings.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Kathryn's hair is getting longer and longer, and to keep it out of her face I've been trying to put little clips in it. However, the other day I got adventurous and put it up in a pony tail! It was so cute, and made her look like such a big girl! She's not very good at leaving it in, though, and pulls it out if she thinks about it (which is often). She also looks very cute with pigtails (that stick straight out of her head!), so I'll post pictures of that later! For now, here are some cute ones from several days ago while she was playing outside.

Doesn't she look so big?

Picking dandelions. Do ya'll remember doing that when you were a kid? They were the most beautiful flowers ever!

The first dandelion given to me by my child. I'm sure there will be many more bouquets in my future!

She was either doing calisthenics here, or something else. She could have been "talking" about an airplane or a bird she saw in the sky, both of which fascinate her!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Because of some random comments with links that I've been getting on the blog, I'm having to enable comment moderation, which means that all comments will not appear the moment you type them, but will be sent to me for approval before showing up on the blog. Sorry about of the things about "spam comments" I guess. Hopefully this will prevent those kinds of comments from popping up, and still allow you guys to all tell me how cute Kathryn is and how wonderful our family is...

Monday, April 07, 2008


So, every time I post a "this is what Kathryn is up to now" post, it seems like I leave some things off. Anyway, here are a few more pics, and an addition.

This is the newest face she makes anytime she thinks she's getting her picture taken (either by camera or by phone!), or when she thinks she's funny or just wants attention!
An up-close view!

I took these pictures while eating lunch. We often watch The Price is Right while eating lunch (I know, bad to watch tv while eating...). One day I looked over at Kathryn and realized she was copying the models when they would show the prizes. This is her "showing the prize". For a few days she'd do this whenever we asked her to, but now she just laughs, because she knows it's funny!
A few of the things I forgot to mention in the last post:
-It sounds like she can say "Jesus" also. However, she only says it in the car when we're listening to her kiddie CDs of kids singing Bible songs (many of which say Jesus in them, many times!). She still hasn't said it just by being asked, though.
-She can now not only point to her nose when asked, but also her hair, eyes (with a little help still), mouth, tummy, and feet/toes. We're working on ears too. When she's in the bathtub, she will also lift her leg out of the water when I ask for it.

Ok, that's all for now. More later!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

15 months old!!

Kathryn is 15 months old today! And although it's kind of getting ridiculous to write a new post on her month birthdays, she is doing so much once again, that I feel like it'd just be too much to update if I wait any longer. So, with that, here are some pictures and an update.

Every day, when it's time for daddy (or mommy, on the days I work) to get home, she loves waiting at the door for the first sighting. She gets so excited when she sees him walking up the sidewalk, and will either laugh or squeal or clap, usually all of the above. Here she is waiting...

She loves to pray, and will often stop and pray whenever we say the word, or whenever she hears someone talking over a loud speaker or even on the radio (I think she associates it with being at church and hearing prayers over the microphone).

She also loves hugging the baby. We're not sure that she understands that there's a baby in there, or if she just thinks she's hugging mommy's tummy, but as I get bigger, she may get it.

She had her first fall on the sidewalk a few weeks ago, and scraped up her head/face a bit. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but I was proud of her shiner!

We got her a baby doll to start getting used to having a baby around, and to let her have fun with her own baby before the real one comes. She's not all that interested in it, to be honest, but she'll put the blanket on it sometimes.

We also have lots of tears and meltdowns these days. She's discovered she has an opinion and a right to tell us her opinion. It can be anything from not wanting to put something down, to getting her shoes on, to brushing her teeth. Even things she normally likes to do sometimes turn into battles because she wants to assert herself and have her own way. So, we see this face quite often during the day!

However, she remains a joy to us, and keeps us laughing constantly. The newest pasttime in our house is grabbing the camera to take a picture of the latest thing she's gotten into. (That post will come soon...get ready to laugh!) Some other things she can do:
-She now is able to say, clearly, "fish", "shoes", "keys", "hi". She still doesn't talk a whole lot, though. The other day she said "birds" clear as day when she heard some birds chirping, but she hasn't said it since. So, I don't know if it was a coincidence, or if she really said it and is just being stubborn about saying it again.
-Some new signs include: "help", "again", "butterfly", "lamb", and "crackers". She doesn't sign any of these correctly, but I know what she's saying when she does them. She completely made up her own sign for doesn't look anything like the real sign.
-She also makes up other signs, too, and I have no idea what they mean. This can be very frustrating for both of us, as she's obviously trying to communicate something to me, and I have no idea what it is!
-She now has 2 molars! She's been working very hard on these, and I can't wait until they are completely finished coming through!
-She's walking quite quickly now, which means she is more clumsy and falls more often. Nothing like taking after her momma.
-She's getting quite good at throwing her ball. She is also very good at throwing food off of her high chair tray, which is a daily battle.
-She nows gives us kisses! She gave kisses when she was a few months old, but then stopped kissing adults all together for a long time (she would, however, continue to kiss other babies and children, even in pictures). We love getting her slobbery wet kisses now!