Friday, April 25, 2008

Update on my Grandpa

Hey everybody, this is Kathryn...I just wanted to give a quick update on my Grandpa. The surgery went well, and he is back home now. He is in more pain than he'd like to be, but thinks it may be because the meds aren't turned up all the way, so when he goes back next week, they will probably make some adjustments to help him feel even better. Thanks for praying for him!

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The Crabtrees said...

You are a sweetie and I can't wait to kiss your sweet little face . Thanks for telling everybody about your Grandpa. He needs LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of prayers, because his new pain pump isn't working much at all right now. But he goes to Hopkins on Friday to see what's wrong and hopefully get a higher dose of the meds. I know seeing your sweet face will make him feel sooo much better so we hope to see you really soon. Now it's pretty outside and you and your Uncle Nick and Aunt Ali can go to the park and all kinds of stuff.
Love you baby. Grammy
PS Tell Mommy to go to Grammy's blog!! I finally started blogging again and I plan on keeping up with it now!