Saturday, April 19, 2008

last Saturday

So, these next few posts are dedicated to the "past", as in a few things from this past week. This first one is from last Saturday, when we went to the UVA Spring Game. The last time we went to a football game was, of course, last fall, so Kathryn was still baby-like. She had lots of fun this time, although was quite more active and up and around. She did sit some.

She liked clapping when everybody else did, or after the band finished their songs. The band was her favorite part about the afternoon, and she particularly loved when Aunt KK took her down really close to the band to see and hear them better. When she brought her back up, she kept singing "more" and pointing back down to them.
Watching with Granddaddy.

Looking out over the field after the game.

With Grandma.
Do you like my round belly, pigtails, and UVA hair bows?


Lindsay said...

Kathryn I LOVE your round belly!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course your pigtails too! :) You are so cute and look so big in all these pictures!!!

Lindsay said...

Little K I do LOVE your round belly!!!!!!!!!!! And the pigtails and bows are cute too!:) You are getting so big! We love you!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

She is so cute!!