Saturday, April 19, 2008


Last Sunday, I dressed Kathryn in one of my shirts from when I was a baby. I thought she was super cute, of course. Do you remember me in this, mom?


carlymay said...

Wow!!! She is REALLY getting to be a big girl. Hope to see you all around soon:)

The Crabtrees said...

Of course I remember you in that! And seeing Kathryn in it just brings the memories right back! I am so glad I saved some of your things, and it is so neat to see Kathryn in them. Brings back so many memories, and Kathryn looks so much like her Daddy AND her Mommy. Very neat how that can be. Miss you all and looking fwd to hanging out soon. Can't wait for some fun time to just hang out in Roanoke and get to play my baby turned toddler little granddaughter! So nice to see all the pictures on the blog. Love you all.