Saturday, October 08, 2011

5 months old!!!

Our sweet girl is 5 months old today!! Just one more month until the big 1/2! A few days ago, she was super smiley and talkative all day (and I mean ALL day...she didn't even nap the whole day!). I got some really cute pictures of her on my phone that day. Here are a few.
Even though this one is blurry, I love how she's sticking her tongue out!

Waverly has started to chunk up a little bit, especially in her legs. I noticed a couple weeks ago that she has knee dimples, and I think they're simply precious!
She looks so chubby in this picture (her cheeks)! This is how she sleeps now. On her side, with a blanket over her middle and legs, with her hands crossed in front of her. So sweet! This picture makes me laugh because of her hair sticking up in the back. It also shows her silly hair...still lots of it in the back, but none on top! She's also worn that spot on the back of her head completely bald, so it looks even funnier!
Waverly got to spend an afternoon with her little "boyfriend" Ryan. We met him and his mom for lunch when they were in town for some appointments. Ryan has Miller-Dieker Syndrome like Waverly, and lives about an hour away. It's totally crazy that with how rare MDS is, that there is someone who lives so close with it! We are so thankful for their family and their friendship! Aren't they cute together!
Waverly had an EEG a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully it isn't showing any overt signs of seizures yet, but the neurologist did say that her brain activity was disorganized and immature (what he'd expect), and that there were several "blips" that were pre-seizure kinds of activity.
We have been noticing some seizure-like movements more and more, especially as she's falling asleep. The doctor was a little unsure if it was true seizures or not (and definitely thinks they're not Infantile Spasms, which are the really damaging type of seizures), so we are holding off on medication for now until they start up for sure or more frequently. I have been so scared of the seizures starting, but we know that it's just a matter of time. I am so very thankful though that we have managed to go for 5 whole months now without any major seizure activity or issues. Thank you, Lord!

As Waverly has been growing, she's been able to wear more of the clothes that her big sister wore. This dress is one that I have a picture of K in when she was a baby. How fun! I love seeing Waverly in those sweet little hand-me-downs. She's mostly in 0-3 month clothes, but can wear some 3-6 month size also. However, we still have trouble with pants. They are all loose around the waist! I'm not sure what's going on with that!
Waverly had her first big sickness this month. J had said his tummy hurt for a few days. A couple days later, Waverly spit up, then she started throwing up. She threw up for two full days, after every feed. We finally got her switched to Pedialyte, and she tolerated that a little better, and then we slowly reintroduced milk. We are so thankful that it wasn't worse. We almost had to take her to the hospital, but I think she heard us talking about that and got scared! We're so thankful to have avoided that this time!

A few more facts about our girl at 5 months old:

-we've started actually putting her to bed (instead of keeping her up with us until we go to bed)! I know, it's a novel thought! She goes down about 9:00p.m., when her nighttime feed starts. At some point in time during the night, she usually fusses and then I transfer her to her carseat, where she finishes sleeping for the night. That usually happens around 3a.m., but can be anytime during the night (as early as 11p.m. or as late as 4a.m.). She sleeps until around 8:00 in the morning.

-during the day she naps on and off. She doesn't really have much of a schedule for naps. Sometimes she sleeps a lot, other times not much at all! It really varies from day to day!

-she is still able to eat by bottle some, but we take it slow and only do it when we have time to really stop and focus on it. If she acts like she's uncomfortable or unhappy during the feed, we stop and try again at another time. When she's handling it well, though, she really LOVES to eat, and sucks down what she's allowed to have in no time at all!

-she weighs 11lbs 13oz and is 23 inches long.

-she is usually the most smiley in the mornings, and will flash us some very sweet grins! She also has times where she'll coo at us when we talk to her, and it's about the sweetest sound you've ever heard!

-she doesn't like loud noises...they scare her!

-she still loves to be held, and adores her older brother and sister!