Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our 6th anniversary

Johnny and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on December 18th! We were able to get away for the weekend the weekend before our anniversary, and we were so blessed by our weekend together! We traveled up to the Harrisonburg area, where we stayed in an amazing cottage that belongs to a family we went to church with up in that area. We didn't take many pictures of the weekend, except for the time we went up to Reddish Knob. It was a bit scary going up as we ran into some snow as we got higher up, but we made it, and enjoyed the view. Johnny took most of these pictures, since I was too cold to be out of the car much!

16 weeks pregnant. Our third child on the way in six years!
On the way up, we saw this and thought it was pretty.

We have been so blessed with such a great marriage, and thank God for giving us each other and for blessing us so much. May we continue to be so in love with Him, and therefore so in love with each other.

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Kelly Via said...

Happy Anniversary!!