Saturday, May 07, 2011


Warning: Men, read at your own risk...Thanks for being patient with us during a little silence. I was admitted to the hospital last night (Friday), and they started Cervidil. They checked me this morning after 12 hours, and it did little to help my cervix. However, the doctor wanted to go ahead and try Pitocin to see if that would help to dilate me. After 8 hours on the Pitocin, I had only dilated to 1cm. So, they stopped the Pitocin for the night, let me eat dinner (woohoo! see the above picture of me "eating" my liquid lunch...), and at about 7:00 they are going to give me another dose of Cervidil. They will leave that in place overnight, and then will start more Pitocin in the morning. The doctor feels confident that that will do the trick, and we should have a baby by tomorrow. I was quite discouraged earlier in the day by all this, but am ok now (maybe because I finally got to EAT!). I am encouraged to know that we are getting closer to meeting our little one, even if it is a little later than we thought. Even though it's been a bit of a boring and slow day, I am also trying to be thankful for the quiet time (how often do us moms long for just a few minutes of peace, much less a whole day?!?). Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. A few specific prayer requests:
-the Cervidil could spark labor for me on my own. That'd be great!
-rest for tonight, if labor doesn't start.
-strength for delivery.
-and of course, prayers for our little Baby!


Kristie said...

I'm not sure if pacing the halls of a hospital, wondering when labor will really start and getting poked and prodded by nurses and doctors counts as a day of peace. Praying for a restful night. Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Susan said...

Keeping you and baby Sink in our prayers. Soon you will holding your sweet little one and all of this will be a faint memory. God bless you all.

Susan, Fritz, Ricky and Robbie

Cindy Perdue said...

Hope you & Johnny have a restful night. Love you both.

Anonymous said...

What s blessed way to spend mother's day...having a baby! please keep us posted. praying for yall.