Sunday, May 01, 2011

Preliminary Amnio Results

We got a call from the doctor on Friday with the preliminary amnio results. We will get the full results by the end of this week, but before the full results are ready, they run the test for the three most common chromosomal abnormalities: Down's Syndrome, Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18. These three make up about 90% of the chromosomal abnormalities seen in infants. According to the doctor, this preliminary test has a "high degree of accuracy", and ours came back clear on all three. So, it looks like those are not what we are dealing with at this point. Like I said, the rest of the results (which tests for other chromosomal abnormalities) should come back by the end of this week. Of course, if there is something else going on with Baby (genetic, neurological, digestive, etc.), we won't know anything still, since they can't check for those via amniocentesis. So, we continue to wait and see! I have appointments this week on Monday and Wednesday so far (and we'll see if they add more on!). Thanks for the continued prayers as we wait and see what God has in store for our sweet little one!

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April said...

We will continue praying for you and your family and you are a beautiful pregnant mother. He looks like a boy.