Friday, December 04, 2009


I know you were expecting it, the few things I forgot to add to Jackson's 14 month post. The first, I am almost scared to type. In fact, I am too scared to type, so you will just have to wait. But, it has to do with sleep, and I just don't want to jinx a good thing. Besides, it's only been this past week, which technically was after his 14 month birthday anyway.

The second thing to share is about his nursing. The little guy is still nursing away, just once a day! I am so thankful that he has made it this long with nursing. Praise God! I'm ready for him to quit whenever he wants to now, but am so thankful for how well he's done for these 14 months, and am just praying for a smooth transition out of it as he is ready. (Which I think will be soon, as a couple times this week he's woken up and not wanted it.)

He's also still wearing mostly 18 month clothes, although occasionally a pair of 12 month pants. And I feel like there were a couple other things to share, but of course, can't think of them now! :)

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Kristie said...

I agree...don't write about sleep if it's good! They always turn you into a liar.