Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Storm 2009!

On Friday night into Saturday, we got a big snowstorm here, totaling about 18 inches before it was all said and done. Friday was our anniversary (5 years!!!!!), and we already had plans to go out and the kids were going to stay at Johnny's parents. I thought our plans would have to be canceled, but there's no stopping us...! We got the kids there, and back, in spite of the snow! The kids had a BLAST playing in the snow! Enjoy some pictures of them from Saturday.

I was amazed at how much Jackson actually liked it. I figured he'd get cold and want to go inside pretty quickly, but he stayed out there and played for quite a while!

So funny in his big coat!
Kathryn had SO much fun! She loved throwing snowballs the best!
A drift almost as tall as she is!

Watch out!

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Cindy Perdue said...

Love the pictures of them in the snow. Love to all. I would love a copu of the snow picturs if you do not mind.