Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3 months old!

Jackson is 3 months old today! Time sure does fly! Here are some updated pictures of our "little" guy, as well as a bit about what he's up to these days.

Jackson loves bath time with his big sister. And Kathryn equally enjoys it! She loves to help wash his piggies and dump water on him when we're not looking!
Jackson has a naturally occurring mohawk!
Getting better at tummy time...working on those muscles!
Hanging out with his big sister...
Sleeping in the sunlight...
Still likes to be swaddled to sleep...
So handsome in my hat!
Jackson is such a little joy to us! He is quite the talkative little guy, and babbles, coos, and blows bubbles all the time. He also laughs a lot too, and has been for weeks! He's very ticklish and will giggle when we tickle him, but will also laugh when we do something funny. He is very interactive with people. He is sleeping pretty well, at least at night. We have recently started putting him to bed around 9:00 or so, and the past few nights he's slept until 5:30a.m.! Although some would consider that sleeping through the night, I don't count it as such until he's sleeping through MY night! :) He's getting closer and closer to it, I think! As I mentioned, he does still need to be swaddled. In fact, his hands are becoming more and more of a problem these days when sleeping if he's not swaddled. I've been trying to get him to nap without the swaddle, but it never turns out well. I've also been trying to get him to nap in his crib, but he's still not very good at that yet either. The longest stretch he's given me in his crib was about 30 minutes... (He still sleeps in our room at night.) During the day, he still eats every 2-3 hours, although his nursing sessions are starting to shorten to about 8-10 minutes long. The kid can belch like a grown man, can be heard filling his diaper across the room, and snores so loud I sometimes can't tell if it's him or his daddy! He's quite the miniature man! :) His fussiness is much better than it was, and although we still have plenty of nights where he cries pretty intently, the duration of his crying sessions has shortened dramatically and they occur less often. Praise God for that! When he is particularly fussy, he tends to calm down when we sit on the exercise ball with him and bounce. He still loves his swing, and spends a good bit of time in there for his naps. When he's awake, he likes to have people around him, and just yesterday was happy as can be but then burst into tears when I walked out of the room. We can hardly believe that three months have passed, and look forward to what the next three months have in store for our sweet boy!

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Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

Wow! I can't believe he's 3 months old already! Time flies! Have a wonderful Christmas...can't wait to see ya'll for New Year's!