Thursday, January 18, 2007

First Walk and Diana's Visit

Last Sunday, with the weather in the 60s, I decided it was a good time for Kathryn's first walk. Johnny got the stroller out and set it up, and we were on our way. My cousin Diana had come down on Saturday night and stayed with us, so she went along too. While on our walk, we ran into two ladies who wanted to come see the baby. We chatted for a few minutes, then as they were getting ready to go, one of the women looked at Kathryn and said, "Welcome to the world. It's a horrible place." And with that they left. Although there is some truth to what she said, it made me kind of sad and mad at the same time. I found myself wishing I could have covered Kathryn's ears so she didn't hear such negativity. She was only 9 days old, and it made me sad that already she was being somewhat polluted by, well, sin. I wanted to protect her from that, and it upset me that I couldn't. I suppose it was one of the first of many lessons like that. I had to realize that it's not possible, even at such a young age, to protect her from the fallenness of the world. It's a step in releasing her to God, even now, realizing that He is the one that has her in His hands. I have to trust Him with her; I can't keep her from hurt, from pain, from harm, from sin. Lord, help us as parents to continually give our daughter into your Hands, trusting You with her every day.

Here are some pics from our walk and Diana's visit.

Thanks, Diana, for spending the night and taking a shift of rocking Kathryn during the night! It was a blessing to get a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep!

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