Thursday, February 01, 2007

First tub bath

Here are pictures from Kathryn's first big-girl tub bath! Notice the rolls on her arms and double chin! She went back and forth between crying and seeming to enjoy it. Here is one of those crying times.
And here is one of those enjoying it times. She especially liked it when we let the warm water pour over her tummy and head.


Anonymous said...

My WORD! I can't beleive those cheeks and the double chin already. She is growing so fast. Now I understand why Mommy is sooo tired. You definitely weren't exagerating when you said little Katie is eating every 2 to 3 hours! Can't wait to see her on Saturday. She is going to be a real little bundle this time. Such a change in just 2 weeks! Grandpa Greg says he can't wait to kiss "dem fat cheeks"

JRob said...

I love the towel placement... i miss you guys and want to come and visit soon. I can not believe she is so big! Wow- praise God!