Tuesday, June 05, 2007

5 months old!

I'm 5 months old today!! I'm growing more and more everyday. I still don't have any teeth, but am working really hard to get some (mommy thinks it will be soon with the way I am biting on everything). I'm still not sleeping through the night consistently, but I'm trying really hard! I'm also trying really hard to sit up, but I can't quite get the whole balance thing down yet. I like putting everything in my mouth now, especially mommy's fingers. I love grabbing daddy's face, and squeal while I'm riding in the car (I can make some pretty cool noises when I stick my tongue out, too!). These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, but they show how big I'm getting!


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday a day late little K!!!!!! Hope you had a great day yesterday and good luck with those teeth!!!!!! Hope to see you guys soon! :)

BW said...

Wow, so now 5 month year old babies can blog. The young generation keeps getting better and better with technology and at such a young age. Keep it real Baby K and tell your padres we miss them too.