Monday, August 04, 2008

Back home!

Just wanted to post a quick update and let all you concerned blog readers know that we are back home from our third and final beach trip this summer! No, this picture is not from this last trip, but the one before. I haven't loaded the pictures from last week yet, but there are only about 3 pics to load anyway I think (I didn't take much, especially for me!). But, I thought it was a cute picture, and I couldn't have three posts in a row with no pics, so here ya go:Anyway, we had a great time in Myrtle Beach with the Sinks. It was a nice relaxing time of swimming, hanging out at the campground, reading, playing cards, shopping, and eating! It is nice to be home now, though, and we are busily trying to get unpacked, laundry done, etc. so that we can get to the other projects around the house (cleaning, preparing for baby, etc.). Kathryn did great on the trip, and even slept in a big girl bed with a toddler rail! Keep checking back in the next couple of weeks...I have lots to update about, including:
-the few pictures from Myrtle Beach
-Kathryn's new bedroom!
-preparations for the new baby
-and more!


Cindy Perdue said...

Glad you had a another great beach trip & are safely back home. Can't wait to see the new pictures.
Love to you all.

Sarah Rose said...

What a BIG GIRL! I so love reading about Kathryn's latest accomplishments; makes me anticipate the next couple of months to come! I'd love to hear more about that big girl bed!

Lindsay said...

What happened to my first comment!?!? I'm so confused! I love the picture!!!