Monday, February 02, 2009

4 month and 2 year stats and miscellaneous

Here are the latest stats from the kids' latest doctor's appointments from last week.

Kathryn: 27lbs 8oz (59th percentile), 35 inches (82nd percentile), and head 19 inches (69th percentile).
Jackson: 15lbs 12oz (64th percentile), 26 inches (81st percentile), and head 16.7 inches (51st percentile).

So, Jackson's weight is evening out...he's not as big as he was for his age anymore. But, both kids are tall! They have that coming from Sandra's family!

Kathryn has also had a total language explosion the past week or two. She's gone from just saying words here and there to complete sentences! They are mostly very toddler sentences. Here are some common ones we hear every day:

"I want ___________."
"All mine."
"I want two."
"Mama, balloon, sky!"
"I want to see!"
"Mama, my pee-pee!" (Translation: Mama, I pee-peed.)
"Brrrrrrrr, cooooollldddddd!"
"Mama, I want more goldfish!"

As you can see, most of what she says is quite functional. We are excited about her new language skills, and although they keep us even more on our toes with her, it's fun to see her growth in this area.

Jackson continues to grow every day too. He loves playing in the exersaucer these days. He also loves his big sister. This is a picture of them from a few weeks ago in matching diapers.
Cute baby bums!
We are still working on his sleep, but he is definitely improving from a while ago. Hopefully, with continued work on our part as well, we'll get him sleeping well soon!


Randy and Lindsay said...

What cute butts!:) They will hate that picture one day:) But I love it

Brian and Karen said...

They are so cute! I love the pictures! I hope sleep training continues to go well. I am praying for you guys.

Love and prayers,
Karen :)

The Crabtrees said...

Lots of words coming together now. Better keep a journal, cause you will start hearing some really funny stuff over the next cpl years, but won't be able to remember it all, or which kid said it 10 or 20 years from now!


Miss you and love you!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

Caedmon has those cd covers!! Too bad we're cd dropouts while in the 'noke! Pics were so cute!!