Monday, July 06, 2009


We went out to eat with Johnny's parents tonight at a pizza place called Humble Pie. On the way out, there were some wine bottles on the counter.
Kathryn: "Grandma, what's that?"
Grandma: "Wine."
Kathryn: "Yeah, I like wine!"

While I was rocking her to go to sleep tonight:
Kathryn: "Mama, where's Cindy?"
Me: "She's on a mission trip."
Kathryn: "Cindy come over, stay here, mama and daddy go on a date!"
Me: "Sounds good to me!"


Randy and Lindsay said...

I like that Kathryn wants to plan dates for you all! :)

Cindy Perdue said...

I love being mentioned in your blog. I am availalbe anytime to spend time with Kathryn & Jackson so you can go on a date. Love to all. Give kisses to Kathryn & Jackson for me. See you soon.