Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas: Yes, even more!

We were also able to celebrate time with mom's side of the family, the Goode family. We each get a stocking filled with fun goodies from everyone...Kathryn was soooo excited to spend time with her Great-Grandma! Can you tell?

More presents!
The following are just some of the family that I got pictures of...

My cousin Katie and her husband, Tucker.
cousin Becky.
Uncle Keith.
cousin Willow
Aunt Darlene.
My Grandma.
Sister Ali and Aunt Sandy.
Cousin Diana and her son, Payton.
Aunt Linda.
Payton showing off his signing skills. Payton is exactly one week older than Jackson, and is growing up so fast! Such a cutie!!
Willow and Char.
Kathryn and my uncle Dave (her great-uncle, of course).

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