Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!

Two years ago today we welcomed our sweet boy Jackson Robert Sink into the world. And today we get to wish him a happy 2nd birthday! Enjoy some info about our now-2-year-old, as well as lots of pictures!

This picture is probably my favorite one of him on his actual birth-day. How sweet the love of a daddy for his boy!A few minutes old...
And now he's all grown up! He often dons quite funny outfits. Notice the bow in his hair. He always asks for one when Kathryn gets one, but only leaves it in for a few minutes before taking it out. Hey, at least it has footballs on it!

Hard at work blowing bubbles.
He still loooooves his blankets and paci! Of course, the pink one isn't his. Kathryn decided to cover him up with her blanket on this day. But whenever we are upstairs, he will go into his room and sneak his blanket and paci out of his bed, and then often lay on the floor just like this. And, to move from place to place, he'll often scoot along the floor while keeping his head down on them. Or, he'll drag them along like Linus.
He is also into making the goofiest face for the camera. He says "Cheeeese" and does this "smile".
For my birthday 2 weeks ago, my mom sent me an Edible Creations. So, Jackson enjoyed eating the chocolate off of a dipped pineapple. Can you tell it was serious business??
Sweet, chocolatey face.
Goofy, chocolatey face.
Big blue eyes.
We recently got him a big wheels bike to ride around so that he didn't have to ride Kathryn's pink and purple bike anymore. He doesn't quite understand how to use the pedals yet, but does quite well scooting along with his feet. Notice one shoe off and one shoe on. That happens a lot...

An actual, genuine Jackson face! Finally not cheesing for the camera!

Finally, here he is in my favorite pj's of his: "Mommy's Super Hero".
Jackson, you are one amazing kid! I still love our snuggle times at night as I am rocking you before bed. You always like to sit the same way in my arms, and then after we pray and sing, we just look at each other and laugh over and over again! It's so fun! You have a great joy about you! You still go to sleep so well. I can just put you in your bed at bedtime (nap or night), and tell you to lay down and go to sleep, and you do! You usually wake up so happy in the mornings, and are excited to meet the day. You literally run to greet everybody who is awake. You love to run and play anytime, and still have lots and lots of energy. You are starting to talk more and more, and often talk in a funny, deep voice. What a little man! I really feel like you are starting to understand discipline more now, and we are starting to see some real progress as you learn about obedience and self-control. We pray for you often in these areas, as well as praise God for your sweet spirit and zest for life. Just this week you correctly identified and said A, B, and C. You are learning lots! You love to do anything and everything your older sister does, whether good or bad! I still think you say the sweetest "I love you" that I've ever heard. Jackson, we love you, too! Happy Birthday!!


Cindy Perdue said...

Happy Birthday precious boy
I love you

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Kristie Truell said...

Happy birthday sweet, sweet Jackson!