Sunday, April 10, 2011

Third Time's the Charm

So, I have been a horrible blogger lately...just no energy, I suppose! And I've been especially bad about updating about this pregnancy. So, Third Child, this one's for you!

These belly shots are from about 31 weeks along. I am definitely bigger this time around. In fact, I've got an ultrasound scheduled for next week to check on Baby since I am measuring large now. We'll see what that determines!
Most people say that I am "all belly", which leads most people to guess it's a boy. But, that's how I carried the other two as well, and as we all know, only one was a boy! Kathryn, however, is pretty convinced it's a girl (partly due to her Aunt KK!). Jackson changes his mind every time we ask him, so his opinion isn't valid at this point! Here are a few other random facts about this pregnancy:

-It gets harder every time! I definitely feel more aches and pains this time around.
-This is by far the most active baby I've carried. I felt it the earliest, and feel more movement, and crazy, big movements, than I did with the other two.
-The baby likes to wake up as I go to bed, and whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, it will often wake up as well.
-The baby seems to respond to Kathryn's voice when she talks to it.
-If it's not clear already, we are waiting to find out the gender till Baby is born! (We found out with the other two, but decided to wait this time!)
-My cravings have been pasta, soda, fruit with cottage cheese, bagels with creme cheese, orange slices, and chocolate! (Any guesses as to the gender based on cravings??)
-We CAN'T WAIT to meet this little one!!!


Naomi said...

I think you look great and beautiful! :) And I have been craving cottage cheese like crazy these past few weeks, if that says anything :)

Kelly Via said...

Three is a blast! How fun that you are choosing to be surprised on your baby's gender! You look great!!

Kristie said...

Definitely harder every time. Just a little bit longer. I can't wait to find out whether Baby is a boy or a girl. So exciting!

Krisha said...

ooh ooh! love the shirt on you!

La Familia Garcia said...

From straight on you barely look prego, but from the side? yeah. But you are still Georgous! So glad you got to update for #3. Trust me, I understand. I only have ONE professional picture of only Aaron. =) Hope you can do better. MISS you like crazy!