Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Waverly at 6 months old!!

Our little girl is HALF A YEAR OLD!!!! We are so excited to celebrate this milestone with our big girl!

Waverly had many firsts this past month. Her first seizures (as far as we know), her first trip to the Emergency Room:Her first hospital stay:

Her first Halloween:Her first time at Grammy and Grandpa's house (and meeting Maddie the dog):

On our trip up there she enjoyed snuggling with her Grandpa on his 50th birthday!

She also had her first experience seeing snow (on our visit to Bridgewater), voting, wearing leg warmers, and tasting ice cream.

These pictures are from today, comparing her in the stroller today:

And her at one month old, in the stroller for the first time. Can you tell she's grown?

Again, her in the carseat today:

...and at 3 months old....and at one month old, the day she came home from the hospital.
She now weighs 12lbs 13oz! She has quite the chub on her, with little rolls on her arms and legs. She wears size 3-6 month clothes mostly, although she's still in some 0-3 month pants and can wear some 9 month shirts.  She's still only in the 5-10th percentiles for her height, weight, and head, but she's proportionate for her body, and cute as a button! Unfortunately, because of the seizures, we have lost her smile for now. We are praying that it comes back very soon. She also doesn't "talk" much any more, but we feel like the past week or so we have seen a little more of "her" behind her eyes, so we are hopeful that she will regain those skills. She's now been seizure free (at least from the Infantile Spasms) for one week!! She is still working on her head control with physical therapy, and has started speech therapy as well. Because of the new seizure meds, she isn't sleeping the greatest, and is often awake at various points in time during the night (sometimes for a long stretch). She still doesn't have much of a schedule during the day, but we're ok with that since we are always on the go with various doctor's appointments and family activities! She does really well when we go out, and is a trooper in her carseat, on trips, on errands, etc. She is still the apple of our eye, and we are so in love with our sweet little girl. Happy 6 months, baby! We love you!!!

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