Thursday, November 08, 2012

Waverly at 18 Months!

Our sweet girl is 18 months old today!  She really is starting to look less and less like a baby and more and more like a big girl now!

She's really had a hard time with her health lately, struggling with lots of UTIs, respiratory junk, and the return of the nasty Infantile Spasms.  So in many of her recent pictures, she's sleeping, since she spends much of her day doing that now.  But she still takes an awfully cute picture! 

Thankfully, even though she's struggled so badly with the return of the IS, she still has some personality left that we get to see occasionally.  We treasure those little glimpses.  They don't occur every day, but on the days that they do, we are so thankful.

Here she is with her "talking face" one day.

She got a super cute owl hat at the mall the other weekend.  It's perfect for fall! 

One night she was so sleepy that she didn't even wake up for her bath!

But she was awake this time, and enjoyed "swimming" in the tub with her neck ring.

Another very sleepy picture! Zonked out for sure!

We have been able to enjoy lots of sweet snuggles with her being so sleepy.  Most nights I sit and rock with her and just enjoy the sweet snuggles she gives.  It's a time I treasure for sure!

Waverly by the numbers:
Weight: ~22.5 lbs
Height: ~30 inches
Daily Medications: at least 15
Weekly Medications: at least 105
Treatments: 2 vest sessions, Chest PT throughout the day, up to 4 nebulizer treatments, suctioning throughout the day
Oxygen: 0-3.5 liters depending on saturations

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