Thursday, April 05, 2007

3 months old today!!!

Today is Kathryn's 3 month birthday!!! Some of her latest pasttimes include: kicking her feet as fast as she can; moving in all directions in her crib, playing "What position will mommy and daddy find me in this time?"; smiling and cooing, gaaing, and razzing; chewing on her hands and fingers; watching ceiling fans; trying to giggle; looking at mommy's flowers growing in the yard; seeing how many outfits she can get poo on; getting up on her elbows and hands (not quite rolling over, but very close); and making mommy and daddy fall more in love with her every day!

This picture is from a few weeks ago (I haven't snapped her 3-month-old pic yet today), but what's a blog without a picture?
P.S. I typed this whole blog with one hand while holding Kathryn with the other, reading everything I typed out loud to her. You can add "making mommy figure out how to do things with one hand" to the list of her recent favorite activities...


Lindsay said...

Love the picture and am totally impressed with the typing with one hand!! Hope you guys have a great Easter in H-burg!! LOVE YOU!

Katie said...

Aw, so beautiful! =) I hope you all have a great Easter! Take plenty of pictures =) Much love & hugs to everyone. God bless!