Tuesday, August 21, 2007

little Wahoo and Crooked Paci

Last Sunday, on our way home from Va Beach, we just happened to pass through Charlottesville on "Meet the Team" day. So, we of course stopped to say hi to our favorite Wahoo Jon Copper. And we couldn't leave without getting a picture of Kathryn at Scott Stadium for the first time. So, here is Kathryn with Jon and Johnny in the hall at Scott Stadium. The first home game is coming up, and she's getting so excited! I've been wanting to catch a picture of this for some time. Kathryn tends to put her paci in sideways all the time. I have therefore given her an "Indian" name of Crooked Paci. Her thoughts in this picture: "Just try to take it from me..."

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I love the Little Wahoo picture!! She looks so tiny next to Jon and Johnny! :) Can't wait for your return to the Noke! Love you!!