Saturday, August 18, 2007

walking on water

So I know that the whole purpose of this blog is mostly to post pictures and updates of Kathryn, but I have read several blogs lately of people posting their thoughts, which is always very interesting, intriguing, and thought-provoking to me as well. So here are my ramblings for the day. Sorry for those of you looking for Kathryn pics...more will come soon!

It has simply just amazed me at how I can be so tossed about sometimes. Although I know that circumstances don't change God and who He is, they can so easily change my perception of Him. Oh for the faith to be steadfast in my faith. News such as sickness, hardships, friends with cancer, etc. can shake me so much, and I become like a ship tossed about on the waves. It is a constant struggle for me to keep my eyes on the Lord. I love the story of Peter walking on the waves, because it so honestly depicts us as God's children. Peter saw Christ walking on the water, and wanted to do it too. He was able to get out of the boat when called, and walked on the water himself! However, as soon as he looked at the wind and the waves, he began to sink. It's not that the wind and waves didn't exist before. They were there the whole time. He simply didn't see them before because he was looking at Jesus. He was focused on our Lord, and therefore didn't sink. But as soon as his eyes looked at his circumstances instead, he got scared and started to go down. I am so guilty of looking at the wind and waves in my life, and of sinking down as a result. Oh that I would just keep my eyes on Him and walk on the water...


Diana said...

AMEN! It is so easy to be caught in life's storms. THanks for sharing.

The Crabtrees said...

Thank you for sharing that. In sharing your struggle you are also sharing your faith, and even spurring on others to hold on to their faith, and look up to their Lord Jesus Christ, I say that because you my daughter have encouraged me. I love you. You are a precious gift and I can't wait to get home and see you and my sweet little Kathryn and of course Ali and Nick. Thanks for sacrificing for your family, serving us and serving God, as we are out here at Mayo. Please pray for us. Thanks again for that wonderful post on your blog. God is good and He is caring for your father and I and he will care for you and Johnny and Kathryn. Rest in his peace. Love, Mom