Sunday, February 03, 2008

What Kathryn can do...

The following posts are three short videos (about 30 seconds each) showcasing a few of Kathryn's latest tricks. She continues to learn and grow so much! In her quest of experiencing new things, however, has come some not-so-pleasant experiences too, namely her first ear infection. I took her to the doctor yesterday after her fever got over 103 (although she wasn't acting like she felt bad), and sure enough, her ear is infected. She really scared me this morning when she woke up at 6a.m. with a burning fever of 104.8! After getting her fever down later on today, she appears to be feeling somewhat better. I am hoping that she can keep it down throughout the night tonight and will be on the mend by tomorrow. (I've definitely been able to tell she hasn't felt well today...lots of naps and fussing and clinginess.) So, enjoy the videos, in honor of her 13 month birthday coming up on Tuesday!


La Familia Garcia said...

What sweet videos! I hope she's feeling better!

Brian & Karen said...

I am praying for healing on little Kathryn.

Also, I absolutely LOVE the videos! She is so smart and advanced for her age.

Side note - did you take supplements during your pregnancy / breastfeeding? Email me if you get a chance - - I would love to hear if you did take vitamins/supplements and what you took.

Blessings to you guys,
Karen :)