Monday, June 30, 2008

Beach #1

This is the first of several posts about the beach! We had a great time hanging out with our friends from college. In case you don't know what this trip was all about, here's the short version: Back in college we were all talking about how it would be sad when we all graduated and moved away, and if we'd ever all get together again. Somebody came up with the great idea that we should all keep the date "6-7-8" reserved as a reunion date, so that no matter where we were, we would all have that date reserved to get together (that's June 7, 2008 if you haven't gotten it yet). So, although we were a couple of weeks past the 7th, we all got together at Jeni Newnam's parent's beach house in Corolla, NC last week. All of my roommates were there, plus significant others and children...and some new friends too! It was so much and such a great reminder of how God has truly blessed us with some amazing friendships!

On the way down, we stopped at the Virginia Diner for breakfast...yummy!!
Johnny felt silly with me taking a picture of them out front..too touristy, he said. But secretly, I think he was glad...

Happy to be done with the long car ride (it took us 10 hours with stops!).

Enjoying her first bathtime with a friend.

Family picture at the beach. For those of you wanting to see how big my belly has gotten, there's a glimpse!

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Cindy Perdue said...

Love the pictures. I love the picture of Kathyrn rocking out. Looks like ya'll had a blast with your friends. The sunset pic is beautiful. Now time to get ready for the next beach trip. Have fun & be safe. Love you.