Friday, October 23, 2009

13 month old Jackson

Today Jackson is 13 months old! Here are lots of fun pictures, and a little of what he's up to these days...

We took him to get his one year old pictures done last week (a little late, but he was still 12 months old, so it counts!). These pictures are from that photo session. He did really well! We got some with Kathryn too, but those will be for another post.

In this first picture, you can see him doing something he loves to do: clap! Anytime we say "yay" or "good boy!" he will clap his hands, or anytime he hears people clapping. He'll also clap whenever we start singing "If you're happy and you know it..."

He also enjoyed climbing on the block while getting his picture taken. He still loves to climb on any and everything. We have to be careful and watch him with low chairs and boxes, because we'll turn around and he's on top of them!
You may notice he looks a little different in these pics. That's because last week we got his hair cut! He was starting to get pretty shaggy, and it got to be beyond me (as in, more than just a little trim over the ears or with the bangs). He looks like such a big boy now!

I couldn't get these last two pictures to turn around, but wanted to include them anyway because they're funny. He's learned to stick his tongue out when we tell him too, and it's so funny looking! He looks like such a stinker when he does it!

We've also been working on pointing out parts of his body. The only one he knows right now is his head. So here he is demonstrating!
He loves to pretend to talk on the phone, and whenever he hears it ring, or when we say "Hello?" like we're answering the phone, he'll make the motion (whether he has a phone or an object in his hand or not).
He's still very vocal, and has been babbling in even more "baby language". So it sounds even more like he's communicating, in more complex sounds than just "baba" or "dada" or "gaga". It's fun, and I can't wait until I actually understand all the things that he's telling me!
He goes to bed around 7:30 or 8:00, and still wakes up sometime in the 6:00 hour. Sometimes he'll go back to sleep after I feed him then, and sometimes not.
If he doesn't go back to bed after that early waking, he will still take a morning nap. If he does go back to sleep and sleeps for a good while (till at least 7:30), then he sometimes can go without his morning nap.
He naps in the afternoon around 1:00, but usually only for an hour or so. I am lucky to get any longer than that.
He still isn't walking, but has taken a few steps when prompted/tricked into doing so!
He is eating more and more table food, but can still be kind of picky as to what he'll take. His favorites right now are cheese, bread, Cheerios (still), goldfish, and anything his sister has!
He is down to nursing just once now, in the early morning.
He wears mostly 18 month size tops, but is kind of in between sizes in pants. Most of the 18 month pants are a little long and are too big in the waist. However, some of the 12 month pants are kind of short. Hopefully he'll grow into the bigger size soon!
He's really into reading now. He loves touch and feel books, and we have a great time snuggling and reading after his naptime.
He dances anytime he hears any kind of music.
He loves to wrestle, push chairs around, screech, growl, play outside in the dirt, and pull Kathryn's hair.

EDIT: I forgot to add two important things! Jackson now has 5 teeth (and another one about to come through), and the most important, his new word! Yes, Jackson can now bark like a dog ("woof"). Anytime he sees a dog (real or picture) or hears the word dog, he very dutifully says, "Woof!"


The Riggalls said...

What a big boy! He looks like he might be walking very soon. He's doing so much. Great pictures!

Randy and Lindsay said...

Love the new pics! We have some of Aubrey for you!!!!! Can't believe how big J is getting

The Crabtrees said...

We took him to get his one year old pictures done last week (a little late, but he was still 12 months old, so it counts!)

You ARE your mother's daughter, aren't you? :-)

La Familia Garcia said...

SO BIG! I love the block pictures. He looks so handsome!