Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jackson's Birthday Party

So, I was [unintentionally] shamed by my sister-in-law when she posted about Jackson's birthday party before I got around to doing it. What kind of mom am I?!? :) So, that got me motivated to go ahead and share with you all the pictures from his special day!

We actually ended up celebrating with family and a few friends on the 20th, which is 3 days before his actual birthday. It went against everything in me to celebrate before he was actually born. I kept thinking, "A year ago today he still wasn't born!" But, it's the date that worked best for everybody involved, so I had to put aside my type-A tendencies and go with it!

We had a blast with everybody, although Jackson wasn't too sure about waking up from his nap to a house full of people. He was very clingy to me the whole afternoon, but I didn't mind... :)

Here he is opening his presents. He had some help...
His eyelashes look really long in this pic.
With the cake... "I think I'll just touch it..."
Once everybody started laughing at him, he realized he had an audience, and he didn't disappoint his adoring fans!

Sharing with Uncle Ronnie...
Loving all the attention!
"This makes you laugh? I'll do it again!"
He started throwing the cake, which of course made everyone laugh harder. Pretty soon, we had cake everywhere, even the walls, but he was having a great time!

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Randy and Lindsay said...

I love that last picture of him...Glad I got you motivated to post....:) We can do it....post more:)

Jackson's birthday was so much fun! I love watching these Sink kids grow up! I can't believe how big he looked last night with his big kid haircut.....