Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jackson at 19 months

Our little boy is now closer to being 2 years old than he is to being one year old! Time flies! Here's a little update about our boy these days:

He still loves his paci(s), although he is being more confined to having them just in his bed. However, he will often sneak in his room and reach through his crib slats to get them out. He does the same with his blanket, too. He has long eyelashes and sweet lips!
He's got a great sense of humor, and loves to do things to make people laugh!
He's also very friendly, and will wave to people and smile at them often. He's friendly to birds, too!
He's picked up a few more words this month. Now his repetoire of spoken words includes: yes, no, hello, hi, siss (for sissy), teeth, shoes, whoa, wow, woof, cheese. His signs include: more, please, thank you, eat, bath, fish, baby, again, all done.

He had his checkup at the doctor, and now weighs 25lbs 5 oz (37th percentile), is 33.8 inches tall (81st percentile), and has a head circumference of 19.2 inches (73rd percentile). So, he is in keeping with his big sister's trend of being tall, skinny, and a big head!

He's really understanding a lot of what we tell him now. As a result, discipline has risen to a new level (in a good way!). It's neat to see God working in his heart already, especially when he's sad for something wrong he's done, or compassionate when Kathryn is sad or hurt. He loves to hug his big sister, and just about anybody else who he thinks might be able to use a hug as well! He still gives me the best zverbert (sp?) kisses, but is starting to give little kisses to other people as well.

He is finally sleeping a little later these days (thanks to the time change). He goes to bed anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 (depending on our schedule for the evening!), and will sleep till 7:30ish. He takes one afternoon nap that lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours (I never know how long!). He loves to play outside in the dirt, gather sticks, pull the wagon on walks, ride in the stroller, run, and blow bubbles. What a fun kid!!!


La Familia Garcia said...

I just love that pic of him sleeping! He sure sounds like a fun kid with lots of energy when he's awake though!

The Riggalls said...

These pictures are darling. He's growing up fast. It's amazing a 19 mnth old can stay still to allow a bird to sit on his tiny little finger. Abbie would be all about wanting to "pet" the bird.

The Sinks said...

haha, i think he was nervous and so he was really still, till it started flapping and then flew off his finger! thankfully we caught it!