Thursday, May 20, 2010

Child's Play

Enjoy some random pictures I've snapped over the past few weeks of things I saw when I walked into the room where the kids had been playing.

One day I told Kathryn to pack a bag of some toys to take somewhere. This is what she packed (and the bag she chose to pack in as well).

Yup, those are little candies in there. Clever girl!
Sometimes water bottles go well with basketball goals...

And sometimes remotes go well with basketball goals.
Why not wear a Christmas headband, just for fun?
Of course, reading the paper is important during playtime as well.

Sometimes playtime is fast!
Sometimes it's rough.
Sometimes it glows in the dark.
Sometimes you just gotta take a bite outta playtime.
Sometimes you gotta get in the middle of things.
But don't forget to take time to answer your calls.

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La Familia Garcia said...

Those are cute! Play time at your house looks like fun!