Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jackson at 20 months

It's true, our little guy is now 20 months old! Here's what he's up to these days:

He continues to have a great sense of humor! He's always walking into the room doing something funny, just to make us laugh. This is just one instance!He loves to climb and play, and has really been enjoying his Christmas present the past few weeks!
Such a sweet face!
Pointing to his nose (or something...).
Laughing, as usual!
Pointing to an airplane!
This might be a mean picture, but our neighbor started up his rumbly truck, and Jackson got scared and was bolting for me. I think his scared face is cute, so I snapped a picture before snatching him up to reassure him that all was well.
Still a little freaked out.
He can often be seen pushing/pulling his wagon down the sidewalk as we go exploring.
He also climbs and gets into things. This day he thought the radiator was a good place to sit and take a break...
Again, making us laugh by trying on one of daddy's baseball helmets.

Jackson has been working hard on talking, and although he still has far to go, his latest vocabulary includes: ball, KK (he says "ay-ay"), shoo (as in a stinky diaper). A few new-ish signs he does are book and water (although it's not the correct sign for water...it's a totally made up sign that he created himself!). He's probably got a few more words and signs, but I can't seem to remember them right now! He's finally cutting two more bottom teeth, after walking around for months with just his middle two on the bottom! Other than that, he's got his 4 top teeth, and all 4 molars. I've noticed him starting to sing more lately, which really is just humming. His main mode of communication is still grunting and pointing, all the time. He can be quite emphatic with his points and grunts! When we read books, he will point to the objects and then wait for me to tell him what they all are. He will attempt to make noises for the animals, but most of them sound alike. He can do a really good elephant noise, though! Although he is quite active and into lots, he also enjoys a good quiet time in his crib. We do this most mornings. He will sit in his crib with a few books, and look at them while I shower, clean, etc. I think the real reason he likes that time so much is that he gets to have his paci and blanket then. He is still quite addicted to them, and is also known to steal them out of his crib when he's able! His favorite movies these days are Cinderella and Wee Sing in Sillyville. Brings back memories from my siblings and nanny-ing days! I can pretty much quote those movies from beginning to end! Anyway, there's a bit about our little man at 20 months old. And just because it's interesting, to compare to Kathryn at 20 months old, click here.


The Crabtrees said...

Jackson running from the truck was such a cute picture. I know we shouldn't think it's cute, when they look all scared, and how we love to pick them up and tell them they are ok, but I'm glad u took that picture, it was adorable! Love that little happy boy, and we should be able to come visit for a few days soon now that schools out. Yay!!!!

Andrew, Naomi, Madeline and Oliver said...

He's so cute and I love that he loves Cinderella. :)