Saturday, September 06, 2008

20 months old!

So, last month I said I wouldn't be doing "month" posts anymore. Well, here's another month post. I was wrong. Kathryn has just been so funny recently, and I have a couple of videos to post, so here goes. Anyway, here they are. This first one is her discovering some bird poo on our sidewalk. Anytime we say anything is stinky, yucky, dirty, or refer to her diaper, she'll say, "Shooo, shooo." It's quite funny...listen closely, and you can hear her...

This second one shows my ingenuity. Seriously. I taught the kid out to beat box! Yeah, we're that cool. You can't really hear the sound she makes when she does it, but it gives you the idea. She's pretty much the coolest kid on the block.

Finally, I thought I'd update you on a few more fronts.

Kathryn still amazes people with her eating habits. She eats more than any kid we know. For instance, the other day for breakfast she had: Cheerios, oatmeal, eggs, raisins, grapes, and yogurt. The other night it hit me how weird she is: for dinner she ate mixed vegetables and salad. Yes, lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes. She's also known to eat green pepper strips, among other things. What one year old does this?

Some favorite activities include: bouncing golf balls down the steps outside (and then collecting them in her bucket), picking tomatoes in the garden, and stomping on bugs (seriously).

She's really into her alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. She loves reading books about them, pointing them out, etc. She can pretty consistently point out a star, circle, and triangle, and sometimes gets square and rectangle. It's a really neat learning stage.

She loves singing and music, and doing hand motions to the songs. I will post another video soon of her doing her friend Noa's song.


The Nolls said...

SO FUN!! She is growing so much! We can't wait to see her doing the song :)
Haha, your stories about her food each reminded me of Noa... especially salad... she tears pieces of lettuce off the head whenever I open the fridge. So in answer to your question, I guess our weird, wonderful one-year-olds eat like that :)

Randy and Lindsay said...

I love the beat box! Rock on Kathryn!