Friday, August 27, 2010

Jackson at 23 months

The time has finally come for Jackson's last post as a not-two-year-old. He still has a great sense of humor!
And the most delicious eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips!
He can make some pretty awesome faces, especially for the camera (I do believe that was dirt around his mouth...).
The kid loves bacon.
Proud of his bacon!
He's also really into trying on other peoples' shoes. He was particularly cool on this day, shirtless, with a baseball bat, and some nice floral-print shoes...
Close-up of shoes.

He is still great at finding trouble, too. The other day Johnny and I were in the living room talking, and after a few minutes I realized it was really quiet. So, I went to grab the camera and had Johnny find Jackson, and this is where he was. Yup, standing on the kitchen table...

He was so proud of himself!
And then he was a little confused when we got after him for standing on the table, especially after we were snapping his picture.
Another goofy face for the camera!
Jackson can also do a really sweet ballerina move. He learned this from his older sister, of course, and I think it's simply hilarious!
Yet another funny face (with part of his snack peeking out of his mouth...).
Another view of the ballerina move. Isn't it awesome?!?
Just a few random facts:
-Jackson still loves his paci and blanket/lovey. He will steal them out of his bed any chance he gets.
-He is still very loving, and loves to give snuggles, hugs, and kisses. He can also say the sweetest "Love you" you've ever heard.
-He is talking more and more, mostly just repeating words, but learning how to communicate more every day too. We are hoping that as his communication continues to grow, it will cut down on some of his frustration.
-He has learned how to fight with his sister very well, and that is something we are working on (with both kids!).
-He can [kind of] count to three, in his own way...
-He loves music and singing and dancing.
-He is a pickier eater than Kathryn was/is, but some of his current favorites are cucumbers, tomatoes, frozen veggies, pretzels, bacon, craisins/raisins. He also loves coffee.
-He's really into stealing gum right now, and will eat (yes, swallow) as many pieces as he can before you get to him.
-He loves his daddy, and will say "Daddy" all day long.
-He loves to play hide and seek, and will sit very still for several minutes at a time while hiding.
-He loves to point out airplanes and trains, and gets very excited about both!


SarahRachel said...

Jackson is PRECIOUS!! You can totally see his personality shining through in all those cute expressions of his!

Kristie Truell said...

He's a cutie! Almost two-years old, hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

I love all the picture. That is soooo cute with him on the table, even tho, it is bad for him to do that.
Love to all

La Familia Garcia said...

That is so cute...his ballerina move kinda looks like karate.