Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A little more about Jackson...

So I did forget a few things about Jackson in his 22 month post. A few things to add are:

-he has some really sweet dance moves, including a great ballerina move. You'll have to ask him to show you next time you see him. (I'll try to catch it on camera, too...)
-he loves to have a bow in his hair when I put one in Kathryn's hair. He leaves it in just long enough to show his daddy and laugh, then takes it out!
-he loves to pray, especially at mealtime. We often pause many times during a meal to pray again. However, his prayers consist of him folding his hands, grunting for a few seconds, then saying "Amen" while signing "amen".
-he has started singing, and although he doesn't sing actual words, it is definitely a sweet voice he uses to serenade us. He also loves to do sign language to his kids' songs.

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